Thursday, 23 June 2022

Chess 960 Evening Fun Event

 Twelve players took part in our Chess 960 tournament, one of our special events being held every few weeks from now to September. Results were as follows. Apologies for any inaccuracies these are due to players not recording all their results. No of the games played are 5 unless stated otherwise.

Tom 5
Wesley 5
Dave 4 ½
Ed 3 /4
Simon 3 /4
Phil 2/4
Rhys 1 ½ /4
Philip 1 ½ /4
John Conway ½
Pablo 0/2
John Kelly 0/3
Adam 0/3

A really fun Evening. Chess 960 really makes you think ! Thanks to Ed for organising this evening.
Next Fun event 12th July. Format to be decided.
Ed also found a car key at the club so if anyone has lost their car key do let me know.

Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Chess Library

 At the AGM yesterday evening it was proposed that we start a chess library. This was approved by the members and Phil Dean has kindly agreed to run the library. So, if you have any spare chess books lying around the house could you bring them into the Club over the next few weeks and pass them onto Phil who will catalogue them for the library. This is a great way to read new chess books without paying for brand new chess books.! and will be a real benefit to members. My thanks to Phil for agreeing to take this on.

Saturday, 14 May 2022

AGM Tuesday 17th May 2022

Final Reminder AGM this Tuesday 17th May. Start 7.45pm.

Massey Ferguson Social Club

All members welcome

Thursday, 5 May 2022

Summer Cup Results

 The final round of the Summer Cup was completed last Tuesday. My Thanks to Dave Filer for once again stepping in to run the evening as I was unfortunately unwell.

The competition has been a close contest but Josh Pink is the Winner of the Tournament and the Runner Up is Mike Donnelly.
The winner of the U120 is Margarita Nasibova
Congratulations to all the winners and the presentation will take place at the AGM on the 17th May.

I hope all players enjoyed this fun tournament and we look forward to next year's competition now Covid is hopefully y behind us.

Results for 6th Round of Summer Cup
Margarita Nasibova .5 .5 M.Donnelly
J.Pink 1 0 W.Beeston
C.Badley 0 1 E.Goodwin
A.Vickers 0 1 P.Dean
T.Stamper 1 0 H.Jones
P.Smith 1 0 B.Read
J.Conway 1 0 D.Copson
M.Johnson 1 0 P.Kelly
D.Adams 0 A.Breeden
Points so far
J.Pink 5.5
M.Donnelly 4.5
Margarita Nasibova 4
T.Stamper 4
J.Conway 4
W.Beeston 3.5
W.Scaife 3.5
M.Johnson 3
P.Smith 3
H.Jones 2.5
C.Badley 2.5
Ed Goodwin 2.5
D.Copson 2.5
P.Dean 2.5
Bava 2
B.Read 2
Pablo 2
S.Whitmore 1.5
A.Vickers 1.5
A.Breeden 1.5
David Filer 1.5
A.Bemi 1
J.Rivett 0

Friday, 15 April 2022

Summer Cup Round 3 Results

 Results for 3rd Round of Summer Cup

J.Pink 1 0 Margarita Nasibova
M.Donnelly 1 0 W.Beeston
Bava 0 1 C.Badley
E.Goodwin 0 1 T.Stamper
W.Scaife 0 1 H. Jones
M.Johnson 1 0 P.Smith
J.Conway 1 0 B.Read
A.Vickers 1 0 J.Rivett
R.Watson 0 1 S.Whitmore
D.Copson .5 .5 A.Breeden
P.Dean 0 1 R.Alexander
J.Pink 3
M.Donnelly 3
Bava 1.5
W.Scaife 1.5
W.Beeston 2
B.Read 1
A.Bemi 1
M.Johnson 2
H.Jones 2
P.Smith 1
C.Badley 2
A.Vickers 1.5
P.Dean 1
T.Stamper 2
J.Conway 2
S.Whitmore 1.5
D.Copson .5
J.Rivett 0
Pablo 1
A.Breeden .5

Thursday, 7 April 2022

Richard Buxton has contacted us with the following request. 

Warwickshire County U1650 have reached the quarter-finals of the ECF County Championship.

The Match is being held on Saturday 21st May and although the draw has not been made yet there is a strong possibility that we will be playing at home. If this is the case the venue will be at Stratford upon Avon.
If you are interested email or message me on 07710594627, and include your mobile number and email address to allow easy communication.

Saturday, 2 April 2022

Summer Cup Round One

I am pleased to say the First Round of the Summer Cup took place last Tuesday. Although it is clear that Covid is still ever present with a number of players having to withdraw due to covid or their partners getting covid. I myself was also ill! with either covid or a cold so felt it was prudent not to come to the Club. So my Thanks to Dave Filer who stepped in at the last minute to organise the tournament on Tuesday. As I was not present I do not have any match reports. However, despite covid,there was still a good turn out of over 22 players.
Next round is Tuesday 5th April. If you are unavailable for any round could you please let me know as soon as possible.
The match results are as follows from Round One: J.Pink 1 0 P.Dean Dr. M.Donnelly 1 0 T.Stamper E.Goodwin 1 0 J.Conway Bava 1 0 S.Whitmore W.Scaife 1 0 D.Copson Margarita 1 0 J.Rivett N.Morris 0 1 Benjy Read Mike Johnson .5 .5 H.Jones W.Beeston 1 0 Pablo P.Smith .5 .5 C.Badley A.Duragbemi 1 0 Adam Breeden J.Pink 1 M.Donnelly 1 Ed Goodwin 1 Bava 1 W.Scaife 1 Margarita Nasibova 1 W.Beeston 1 B.Read 1 A.Bemi 1 M.Johnson .5 H.Jones .5 P.Smith .5 C.Badley .5 A.Vickers .5 David Filer .5 P.Dean 0 T.Stamper 0 J.Conway 0 S.Whitmore 0 D.Copson 0 J.Rivett 0 Pablo 0 A.Breeden 0 Please note for further updates I will post into our FB Group