Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Knock Out Cup Results

 All of our cup teams won

Coventry Chess A,B,C,D,F

Coventry Chess E are providing spare players and G put up a good show against the A team

With 5 teams in the quarter final we are going to have some interesting ties.

With Nuneaton A and Rugby A both out then who knows......


Congratulations to everyone

Seasons greetings to all club members and see you all in the New Year


Club is closed Tuesday 25th December 2012!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Latest League Tables


  Played   Won Drawn Lost   Board       Points

Div 1

Coventry Chess A 6 4 2 0 12 10
University A 6 4 1 1 11 9
Nuneaton A 6 4 1 1 5 9
University B 6 3 0 3 0 6
Nuneaton B 6 1 1 4 -7 3
Rugby A 6 1 1 4 -11 3
Rugby B 6 0 2 4 -10 2

Div 2

Coventry Chess B 7 5 1 1 8 11
University C 7 4 2 1 5 10
Coventry Chess D 7 3 2 2 3 8
Coventry Chess C 7 3 2 2 0 8
Rugby C 7 3 1 3 1 7
Coventry Chess E 7 3 0 4 1 6
Newdigate 6 1 1 4 -7 3
Nuneaton C 6 0 1 5 -11 1

Div 3

Chelmsley Wood 6 5 0 1 10 10
University D 5 4 1 0 8 9
Coventry Chess F 6 3 1 2 3 7
University E 5 3 0 2 8 6
Coventry Chess G 6 3 0 3 -1 6
Nuneaton D 6 1 0 5 -12 2
Rugby D 6 0 0 6 -16 0

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Lightning Tournament

The annual Team Lightning Tournament is taking place on Tuesday 4th December. Venue is University of Warwick.

Anyone that wishes to play, please contact Mike Johnson for full details.


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

KO Cup Draw

The draw for the KO Cup has been made and is as follows:

Matches to be played on December 18th

Coventry A   v   Coventry G

Coventry B    v  Rugby  C

Coventry C  v   Rugby  D

Nuneaton A   v  Coventry  D

Coventry F   v   Rugby   A

Thursday, 23 August 2012

New Season Details

I have now emailed all members who I have an email address for regarding the start of the season.

If you have not received this email could you contact me and I will send you a copy of the email.


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

New Season

The Fixture Cards are now in and the first game is on 25th September 2012

Our opening fixtures on Oct 2 are:

A - no game

B - B v C

C - B v C

D - D v Nun C

E - E v Uni C (but I'm not sure this will be on due to Univerity availbility).

F - G v F

G - G v F


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

New grades are now published

The July ECF national grades have now been published. Check the ECF website for details.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Coventry Chess Doubles Tournament, 17th July

This Tuesday just passed, a doubles tournament was held at the Coventry Chess Club.
We drew to see who got paired with whom. The pairings were; Simon Weaver and Perry Blunden, Howard Jones and Bava, Paul Sweatman and John H, and finally Wesley Beeson and myself, Dave Ireland.
It was an all pairs play all other pairs twice, once with each colour, and ten minutes per side for each game. No conferring was allowed between the pairs, and alternate moves were played, making for some interesting, and sometimes unpredictable games.
In the end, me and Wesley won the tournament , and fortunately, we seemed to use similar openings, which I hadn't particularly noticed before from our individual games. However, we were fortunate in a couple of games. Our first game against Howard and Bava was tough, and me and Wesley were finding it hard going with the Black pieces in that game, before gradually organising a winning attack. In another game, against Paul and John, our position was busted, but we managed to get a lucky win on time. Our games against Perry and Simon seemed more comfortable, with there being some eventful moves played.
Thanks to all that played. See you next time !!        

Saturday, 7 July 2012

5 minute tournament, July 3rd 2012

A first 5 minute summer (?) tournament for 2012 was run last Tuesday. The following entered : Simon Weaver, Bava, John H, John Loughlane, Howard Jones, Daniel, Wesley Beeson and myself, Dave Ireland.
It was possible to make this event an all play all twice, once with each colour. It was a fun event, and with some surprising results, which can always happen with a quick time limit.
The top three finishers were : Dave, Wesley and Bava.
Thanks to all that played !  

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Hinckley Congress


There will be an e2e4 Congress at Hinckley over the bank holiday weekend 24-27 August 2012.

Full details available at

Monday, 18 June 2012

Tuesday 19th

Please note Massey Ferguson has advised us that the function room is not available Tuesday 19th June for friendlies.

However we can use the room at the back of the bar.


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Coventry Chess Club AGM 2012

The AGM for Coventry Chess Club was held on the 29th May 2012 with well over 15 members attending

Brief Overview

The Chairman,Secretary and Treasurer all gave their reports for the year.

Dave Filer as Chairman thanked everyone for their support over the season. With thanks going to the Captains for running the teams.

The change in the funding for chess by the ECF was explained by Dave Filer and the impact it will have on Coventry Chess Club.

A motion was put forward to withdraw from the ECF which would result in Coventry Chess having to withdraw from the League and no games would be graded. This motion was heavily defeated.

Membership fees will have to increase next year as MF have imposed a room charge.

Simon Weaver gave an update on the progress of the website.

The trophies for the Summer Cup were presented to Dave Ireland and Bob Holmes

The digital clocks had not caused too many issues other than what to do when there is an illegal move.

The number of teams for next season will remain the same, unless we have a sudden influx of new players.

Finally - the club will be open over the Summer for friendlies.

Simon Weaver

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Summmer Cup Results

The trophies were presented at the AGM of Coventry Chess Club to the winner and the Runner Up of the Summer Cup.

The winner was Dave Ireland - seen here being presented with the cup by Simon Weaver

The Runner Up was Bob Holmes - Again being presented with the cup by Simon Weaver

Congratulations go  to both players.

Other results D.Ireland   5.5
R.Holmes                      5
E.Goodwin                   4.5
C.Blackburn                 4
I.Evans                         4
J.Harris                        4

Ed Goodwin narrowly missing out on 2nd place there were also 3 players on 4 points. Well done to these players as well.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Summer Cup 2012

Thanks go to Simon for another well run tournament. Only another 10 months or so to go, and we'll do it all again ! See you all then !
The Summer Cup reached its conclusion last night with Dave Ireland agreeing a draw with Bob Holmes, which secured Dave Ireland the trophy for 2012 and also secured Bob Holmes the Runners Up place.

With Ed Goodwin on 4.5 just missing out on second place.So congratulations to all three players.

Mentions must also go to:

John Harris who on his first tournament and has only recently joined the club, scored a very creditable 4 points.

Clive Blackburn and Ian Evans also had a very good tournament scoring 4/6 and both were challenging for the top spots right up until the last round.

Thank you to all players who took part in the tournament, there were some very hard fought games and everyone once again seemed to enjoy this end of term "friendly tournament"

The Winners trophy and the Runners up trophy will be presented at the AGM next Tuesday 29th May 7.30pm.


Final Results as below:

D.Ireland    4         5          5.5
E.Goodwin 3.5     3.5        4.5
R.Holmes   3.5      4.5       5
CBlackburn 3        4           4
J.Harris       3        3           4
D.Filer        2.5     2.5        2.5
J.Loughnane 2.5    2.5       2.5
H.Jones       2        2          3
Bava           2         2         2
J.McCann   2         2         2
I.Evans        2        3          4
D.Rowlands 2        3         3
G.Cornell     2       3          3
S.Cobb       2        2         2
W.Beeston  1.5      1.5     1.5
S.Whitmore 1        2         3
P.Sweatman 1        1.5      1.5
R.Sian          1        1.5      2.5
T.Gazee        1        1          1
A.Paul          1         2         3
D.Sheward   0        0          1
T.White        0         0         0
J.Price          0        0          0

Monday, 21 May 2012

Latest results from the Coventry Chess Club Summer Cup. Final round is on May 22nd Tuesday. It looks as though there is going to be another close finish with three players still able to win. The runners up place is also to close to call. So all to play for this Tuesday! 

Results up to Round 5 are as follows :-

D.Ireland    4         5
E.Goodwin 3.5     3.5
R.Holmes   3.5      4.5

CBlackburn 3        4
J.Harris       3        3
D.Filer        2.5     2.5
J.Loughnane 2.5    2.5
H.Jones       2        2
Bava           2         2
J.McCann   2         2
I.Evans        2        3
D.Rowlands 2        3
G.Cornell     2       3
S.Cobb       2        2
W.Beeston  1.5      1.5
S.Whitmore 1        2
P.Sweatman 1        1.5
R.Sian          1        1.5
T.Gazee        1        1
A.Paul          1         2
D.Sheward   0        0
T.White        0         0
J.Price          0        0

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Summer Cup Results

The Summer Cup has already completed four rounds, with Dave Ireland, the current holder, 4/4.

Closely followed by Ed Goodwin and Bob Holmes who are on 3.5 each. Ed and Bob played each other in Round 4 and had a very tight game, finally agreeing a draw with about 10 seconds left on Ed's clock.

Other mention must go to John Harris who has just joined us and has 3/4 only loosing to Ed so far. Clive Blackburn is also playing well and has 3/4. John Loughnane who plays in the third division is also having an excellent run on 2.5 only having lost to Dave Ireland to date.

The picture above is from Round 4.

Results up to Round 4 are as follows :-

D.Ireland    4
E.Goodwin 3.5
R.Holmes   3.5
CBlackburn 3
J.Harris       3
D.Filer        2.5
J.Loughnane 2.5
H.Jones       2
Bava           2
J.McCann   2
I.Evans        2
D.Rowlands 2
G.Cornell     2
S.Cobb       2
W.Beeston  1.5
S.Whitmore 1
P.Sweatman 1
R.Sian          1
T.Gazee        1
A.Paul          1
D.Sheward   0
T.White        0
J.Price          0

Reminder AGM Tuesday 29th May

Coventry Chess Club

Sunday, 6 May 2012


This year's AGM will be held on Tuesday 29th May 7.30pm at Massey Ferguson Social Club.

All members are invited to our AGM where this year we need to discuss new funding arrangements as there has been some changes at the ECF the way chess is funded. There are too many details to put in this Blog, but if you go to: ECF Funding   the situation is fully explained.

Also, as many members are aware Massey Ferguson intend to charge us for the hire of the room as from September 2012.

A full agenda will be provided at the meeting


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Plate Final

Well done to everyone in the F team. They secured an excellent win over Nuneaton last night in the Plate final.

Rajen won an excellent game on Board 1 to complete the win for the team. Dave Howlin also managed to get an excellent draw. So congratulations to all the players who helped their team through to the final.
Rajen Parekh, Manoj Parekh, Clive Osman (captain) Dave Howlin.

Coventry F  2.75    v   2.5  Nuneaton D

Summer Cup

Third Round of the Summer Cup is next Tuesday 1st May

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Round One of Summer Cup

I have made the draw for the First Round of the Summer Cup starting on Tuesday 17th April.

The draw is as follows....good luck to everyone Simon

D.Ireland v J.Loughnane
R.Holmes v D.Howlin
D.Filer     v R.Parekh
H.Jones   v D.Sheward
Bava       v T.White
C.Blackburn v G.Cornell
W.Beeston v J.Harris
S.Whitmore v D.Rowlands
P.Sweatman v A.Paul
I.Evans v R.Sian
M.Parekh v T.Gazee

For new members RULES as follow:
The competition is based on a Swiss Tournament. (The top 12 have been seeded this year) Free entry to all club members. Draw for colours. Normal Coventry and District Chess playing conditions apply. ie 30 moves in 1.25 hours and then clock back for 15 mins. to complete the game. Six Rounds.
If you are not available for any round could you please let me know beforehand.  This tournament is not graded.

Simon Weaver

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Start of Summer Cup

The Summer Cup first round will now start on Tuesday April 17th, due to a rearranged match being played on the 10th April.


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Cup Draw

Main Competition

Rugby Chess A v Coventry Chess B

Coventry Chess A v Nuneaton A


Nuneaton D v Coventry Chess C

Rugby Chess C v Coventry Chess F

Ties to be played on April 3rd.


Sunday, 11 March 2012

Summer Cup

It is that time of year again when the Summer Cup - John Evans Memorial Trophy - is due to start.

It will follow the usual format of a Swiss Tournamnent. Six Rounds. No Entry Fee. Draw for colours on the night. Open to everyone.(even non club members).

Start Date April 10th. First Round.

I have asked a number of members already and will try to see the rest before the start but if I do not manage to see you and you wish to take part, just send me an email and I will add you to the list.

PS Can anyone stop Dave Ireland winning it again!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Grading Database UpDate

Mike Johnson has discovered that now on the ECF Grading Database, if you click on your "ref number" next to your name you now get a lot of very useful data on your chess playing career.

When you click on your ref no you have four tabs:- Profile, Standard Games, Rapid Games and Grade progress.

For example if you click on the "Standard Games" tab and select a year from the drop down menu you can see a list of your results for that particular year and if you scroll down to the bottom of the page it is even presented in a Pie chart format!

Click on the "Grade Progress" tab and you can see the progress (or lack of!!) of your grade in a graphical format since 1994.

Its well worth a look. Here is the link to Coventry Chess Club members page:

Of course, you can also search other clubs on the database.

Latest Cup Draw is under the Fixtues tab. Matches to be played March 20th 2012

Saturday, 14 January 2012

U12 Warwickshire Chess Championship

I am delighted to announce that Rajen Parekh has won the U12 Warwickshire Chess Championship.

There were over 40 of the regions best chess players in his category from all over the Country. His score was 5.5. out of 6. There were 6 rounds with each round lasting a maximum of one hour.
This is a particular highly competitve tournament and has been running for many years. 

Our congratulations go to Rajen from everyone at Coventry Chess Club.
Here is a link for more information: