Tuesday, 24 July 2012

New grades are now published

The July ECF national grades have now been published. Check the ECF website for details.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Coventry Chess Doubles Tournament, 17th July

This Tuesday just passed, a doubles tournament was held at the Coventry Chess Club.
We drew to see who got paired with whom. The pairings were; Simon Weaver and Perry Blunden, Howard Jones and Bava, Paul Sweatman and John H, and finally Wesley Beeson and myself, Dave Ireland.
It was an all pairs play all other pairs twice, once with each colour, and ten minutes per side for each game. No conferring was allowed between the pairs, and alternate moves were played, making for some interesting, and sometimes unpredictable games.
In the end, me and Wesley won the tournament , and fortunately, we seemed to use similar openings, which I hadn't particularly noticed before from our individual games. However, we were fortunate in a couple of games. Our first game against Howard and Bava was tough, and me and Wesley were finding it hard going with the Black pieces in that game, before gradually organising a winning attack. In another game, against Paul and John, our position was busted, but we managed to get a lucky win on time. Our games against Perry and Simon seemed more comfortable, with there being some eventful moves played.
Thanks to all that played. See you next time !!        

Saturday, 7 July 2012

5 minute tournament, July 3rd 2012

A first 5 minute summer (?) tournament for 2012 was run last Tuesday. The following entered : Simon Weaver, Bava, John H, John Loughlane, Howard Jones, Daniel, Wesley Beeson and myself, Dave Ireland.
It was possible to make this event an all play all twice, once with each colour. It was a fun event, and with some surprising results, which can always happen with a quick time limit.
The top three finishers were : Dave, Wesley and Bava.
Thanks to all that played !