Monday, 20 March 2017

KO Cup/Plate/ Final Matches/Summer Cup

As we approach the final games of the Season, thought I would just lay out a schedule for the next few weeks

21st March Divisional Cup Matches

Coventry B v Kenilworth
Coventry D v Nuneaton B
Nuneaton D v Coventry E

Please note Coventry F v Coventry University - cancelled

28th March KO Cup

We have two teams in the KO Cup, so we could have an all Coventry final !

Kenilworth v Coventry A
Coventry B v Rugby A (double header)

Plate match

Coventry D v Rugby B

There is also a re-arranged match for Coventry G v Newdigate

4th April Divisional Cup Matches

Coventry C v Kenilworth
Coventry B v Coventry D

11th April Plate/KO Cup final

Coventry D v Coventry C
and hopefully we will have one or two Coventry teams in the final

18th April - Easter Tuesday

Club open for friendlies

25th April First Round of Summer Cup -

2nd May Second Round

9th May Third Round

16th May Fourth Round

23rd May Fifth Round

30th May Sixth Round

We will then hold our AGM - Date to be advised. Election of Officers.

As usual the club will be open over the Summer for friendly matches

Monday, 6 March 2017

Note from the Chairman of the League - Colin Green

As Chairman of the Coventry and District Chess League I have to announce 
that at the end of the present season Mike Johnson will be stepping down 
from all his C&DCL posts.
These are:
Results Service Manager.

Mike has served this league for 40 years in various capacities and he 
feels that this is the time for him to step down.  We owe him a great 
deal for keeping the league running over all of those years but we must 
now look to find new organisers to take the league forward.

Mike will provide help and training to anyone who might be interested in 
these posts and support them as they get to grips with their new 
Together the three above posts contain quiet a lot of work but they 
could be done by three separate persons with the posts of Grader and 
Results Service Manager being able to be done from home.
It is important that the league finds candidates for these posts as we 
cannot arrive at the A.G.M. without someone to take over.

For information on what exactly is involved Mike might be the best 
person to contact but I would appreciate it if anyone who might be 
interested in any of these posts register their interest with myself.

I shall be e-mailing all of the membership at Nuneaton and I hope that 
you will be able to do the same within your own clubs so that as many 
people as possible are aware that these posts must be filled if we are 
to play chess next season.

Many thanks,
Colin Green.
League Chairman.

Plate Draw

The Plate Competition is to be held on a round robin basis

The draw is as follows:

Mar 7 Rugby B v Coventry C
Mar 28 Coventry D v Ruby B
Apr 11 Coventry C v Coventry D  (toss for colours)

The matches will be graded however there will be no Results Service

Saturday, 4 March 2017


Would be very interested in any comments for the photo below. Yes that is the great Alexei Shirov with our own great Dave Ireland.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Warwickshire Open Results

Results of Warwickshire Open from Ed Goodwin

Warwickshire Chess Congress

This event took place at Coventry Rugby Club on 25th/26th February attracting 122 players including one GM one FM and numerous strong juniors.

1 Mark Hebden 4½/5 2 James Jackson 4 3= Henrik Stepanyan, Don Mason, Jonah Willow, John Garnett, Iseyaa Bin-Suhayl, Nathaniel Paul 3½

1 Brendan O’Gorman 4/5 2= John Hickman, Patrick Reid, Iain Brodie, Thivyaa Rahulan, Devan Patel 3½

1= Richard Desmedt, Jason Cole, David Gilbert 4/5 grading prize Chris Pitt 3½


1= Simon Killarney, Simon Ashworth 4½/5 3= Ken Mycock, Estera Ercsei, Imogen Dicen 4