Tuesday, 31 May 2016

AGM & Summer Cup Presentations

Due to a number of members being away on holiday the Club AGM and the presentation of the Summer Cup trophies will now take place later than normal. The date we have set is :

September 6th Tuesday 7.30-8pm.

All members welcome and if you would like anything added to the Agenda please let Mike Johnson, Daver Filer or Simon Weaver know.

It is anticipated the AGM and presentations will last "about an hour"

On other news, it is with great sadness that I have to report that another member of the club has passed away  . . . Gerald Reason. Gerald had only recently rejoined the club having taking a long break from chess, so some of the older members may have known him when he originally played.
The club is  still open for friendlies on Tuesday.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Summer Cup - Round 6 Results

The final round of the Summer Cup was completed yesterday evening and Congratulations must go to Andy Ward who has won the Summer Cup with an impressive 5.5/6

The Runner up is Dave Ireland on 4.5/6. The Winner of the inaugral Gordon Cornell U120 trophy is Howard Jones with 4/6.

A special mention must go to Dragomir who on his first Summer Cup tournament was challenging for the top spot right from the start and only falling at the last hurdle to Andy Ward the eventual winner. Dragomir tied in third place on 3.5 points with Ed Goodwin and Bava.

Ed Goodwin again had a good tournament finishing in the top 3 spot. Bava also had an excellent tournament and could easily have secured the runners up position if he had won against Dave Ireland. But Dave won and Bava just missed out again on finishing in the top two positions.

The Gordon Cornell trophy has given added incentive to players graded U120 and seems to have been very successful, with a number of players potentially able to win the trophy on the last round.

However, Howard Jones was the eventual winner, with 4 points out of 6 and was undefeated through the tournament with a solid 4 draws and two wins. Paul Sweatman continued his steady improvement and finished with a draw against Pete Smith. Gordon Cornell finished on three points and nearly won the Gordon Cornell trophy !

A number of players finished on the target that a lot of players have ... 3 points - Pete Smith, Stan Whitmore, Dave Filer, Bob Holmes, Paul Sweatman, David Adams and Gordon Cornell - a good steady tournament performance. David Adams also finished strongly in his first Summer Cup tournament on 3 points - very encouraging for the new season.

The trophies for the winners will be presented at the AGM - date to be announced.

I would like to say Thank you to all the players who took part and made it an enjoyable inter club tournament and hope everyone who played, enjoyed the Tournament and found it a good way to finish playing competitve chess until the start of next season.

Hope everyone has a good summer break and if we do not see you at the AGM we will see you at the start of the new season - which is only 16 weeks away !

The results from last night are below with the final positions:-

Results from 10/5/2016

 A.Ward 1 0 Dragomir
 D.Ireland 1 0 Bava
H.Jones 1 0 C.Blackburn
E.Goodwin 1 0 D.Adams
P.Smith .5 .5 P.Sweatman
S.Whitmore 1 0 I.Evans
J.Loughane 1 0 T.White
N.Weaver 0 1 G.Cornell
J.Conway 1 0 T.Gazee
A.Franklin 0 N.Morris

A.Ward       5.5  - Winner of John Evans Summer Cup
D.Ireland     4.5 - Runner Up
Dragomir    4
H.Jones       4 U120 - Winner of Gordon Cornell trophy
Bava            3.5
Ed Goodwin 3.5
D.Filer        3
Bob Holmes 3
C.Blackburn 3 U120
D.Adams     3  U120
P.Sweatman 3 U120
P.Smith       3 U120
S.Whitmore 3 U120
G.Cornell    3   U120
J.Loughnane 2.5 U120
S.Weaver     2 U120
W.Beeston   2 U120
A.Franklin   2  U120
M.Johnson  1.5
I.Evans        1.5    U120
T.White       1    U120
T.Gazee       0   U120
N.Weaver     0 UI20

Finally, I have mentioned over the last few weeks how the stronger players are winning the end games - have a look at this  it may help !

Endgame cover

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Summer Cup - Round 5 Results

Round up of matches for the 5th Round :-

Andy Ward won against Dave Ireland in a very tight end game - Andy is becoming a bit of an end game specialist - winning many of his games through the end game - maybe time for us all to try and learn a bit more about the end game?

Dave Filer eventually lost to Dragomir after a long hard battle - Dragomir is now on 4 points and in second place for the competition.

Bava won against Ed Goodwin - a good win for Bava. Clive Blackburn ended Paul Sweatman's good run in the competition.

So next week will be the decider between Andy Ward and Dragomir - nice to see two relatively new club members do well in the competition.
Howard Jones is well positioned to win the Gordon Cornell U120 trophy being on 3 points and not yet having lost a game. He is closely followed by Clive Blackburn, David Adams all on 3 points all Pete Smith and Paul Sweatman on 2.5 all who have a chance of winning - should be exciting next week!

The final round will be held next week 10th May. 7.30pm


D.Ireland 0  1 A.Ward
D.Filer    0  1 Dragomir
H.Jones .5 .5 R.Holmes
E.Goodwin 0 1 Bava
P.Sweatman 0 1 C.Blackburn
W.Beeston .5 .5 P.Smith
G.Cornell 1 0 T.White
J.Conway 0 1 A.Franklin
J.Loughnane .5 .5 I.Evans
N.Weaver 0 1 T.Gazee

 Overall Scores:
A.Ward       4.5
Dragomir    4
D.Ireland     3.5
Bava            3.5
D.Filer        3
Bob Holmes 3
H.Jones       3 U120
C.Blackburn 3 U120
D.Adams     3  U120
P.Sweatman 2.5 U120
Ed Goodwin 2.5
P.Smith       2.5 U120
S.Whitmore 2 U120
S.Weaver     2 U120
W.Beeston   2 U120
M.Johnson  1.5
G.Cornell    2   U120
T.White       1    U120
I.Evans        1.5    U120
A.Franklin   2  U120
J.Loughnane  1.5 U120
T.Gazee       0   U120
N.Weaver     0 UI20