Saturday, 13 September 2014

Team Formation For 2014/15 Season

This note is to update you with respect to our teams for the forthcoming season.

In summary we are better off in div 1 but less so in div 3.

In division 1 we additionally have Ben Graff and Wesley Beeston. Rajen is playing.

Thus the A team is as last season with the B team consisting of Josh, Ben , Bob, John Harris (captain)and John McCann.

As last season Wes can play for D team when available and we can do musical chairs when someone is not available.
There will, of course, be blank weeks for each and every team but there will be more than enough chess for everyone..

Otherwise we keep the C and D team as they have been for  a number of years and there seems to be no desire to split them up.

Lower down we have lost Gerald Reason, Daniel Rowlands, Trevor Beesley and Tim Sheasby and we don't seem to have any newcomers.

Thus , we will almost certainly have to drop the G team. Under normal circumstances the E team will be 2 out of Jim Dixon, Dave Filer and myself with Trevor Gazee and Tom White.

The F team will be one from Jim, Dave and myself with the rest of the F team as before.

It seems odd that most of last years E team is playing in div 3 but as I said earlier we do not want wholesale changes to C and D.
It may even be that John McCann or other C and D players have to play in div 3 when a div 3 team is short.
You will need to monitor emails each week to check for team updates.  Between now and the start of the season things could change.


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Warwickshire Team

We have been contacted by Jason Madden who is looking for players graded under 120 to play in a Warwickshire team.

Anyone who is interested please let me know and I will pass on your details to Jason. Im afraid I do not have any more details at this stage as to how many games are played in a season.


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Fixture Cards

I have just received the new fixture cards from Oliver Cosham.

The first match of the new season is on Tuesday 30th September. This is a Divisional Cup match.

First Fixtures are as follows: -

Coventry D v Coventry A

Coventry C v Nuneaton C

Nuneaton D v Coventry F

Nuneaton E v Coventry G

Chelmsley Wood v Coventry E

Key points to note for the new Season are that the KO Cup and Plate competitions are treated as separate competitions.

If you play on Board 1 for more then four games you are tied to that team. Except you can still play in a higher division. However the movement of players between teams still remains very lenient. You still have to play in grading order. (10 point leeway)

It is intended to have a Captains/team formation meeting on the 16th September. 7.30-8.00pm. Could all Captains please try and attend.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

New Season 2014/2015

Hope everyone had a good Summer Holiday!

I am pleased to say the New Season is almost upon us and next week Tuesday 26th August I will start collecting membership fees for the New Season.

Could all members please try and attend - even if just to pay the membership fees - as we have to pay the ECF their membership fees very soon and any members not registered are unable to play in the league. I am pleased to say that the membership fee will remain the same as last year... £32.00 for Adults and £25.00 for U18's.

This membership fee includes your Bronze membership to the ECF. Hire of the room. Fees to Coventry League and finally, the general running of Coventry Chess Club!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

2015 British Chess Championships will be at University of Warwick

The 2015 British Chess Championships will take place at the University of Warwick from 25 July to 8 August.

Apart from the main championship there are many competitions to suit all tastes including ones of varying length and catering for various grading bands. (Information on who can play is shown here).

So, if you might want to play or watch then don't book your holiday in that period.

The website for more information is (currently showing mostly information about the 2014 event - this will give you an idea of what you could be in for).

British Chess Championships

It is just been announced that the 2015 British Chess Championships will take place at the:- University of Warwick from 25 July to 8 August.

Apart from the main championship there are many competitions to suit all tastes including ones of varying length and catering for various grading bands.

This is a great opportunity to get involved in the Championships being so close to home.

Although only the dates and venue have been announced so far, here is a link for more information in the next few weeks.I will also try and post some more details when available.

British Chess Championship

Friday, 25 July 2014

New Grades

The new grades have been updated by the ECF and can be found by clicking the link below:

Grading Database

Please note for Coventry League and Cup games this is the grade used for board order throughout the season.

Simon Cover_beat

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Warwickshire Chess Association

 Please note the email below and if anyone is interested please contact Alex Holowczak directly.


Warwickshire Chess Association are seeking volunteers to captain teams in the Under 140 and Under 120 County Championship in 2014/15. To express an interest, please contact Alex Holowczak at before 31st July. If there are no volunteers by the passing of the deadline, then these teams will not run next season.

Alex Holowczak
Warwickshire CA Secretary

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Summer Cup Presentation

AT the AGM the Summer Cup presentations were made :

Winner was Dave Ireland
Dave Ireland receiving his trophy from Simon Weaver
Runner Up Rajen Parekh
Rajen Parekh receiving the Runners Up Trophy

Congratulations to both Dave and Rajen on their achievements. 

Dave Ireland won the tournament with 5 points . 4 wins and 2 draws.

Rajen Parekh came a very close second on 4.5 points only loosing 1 game.

Ben Graff narrowly missed out on Board Count with 4.5 points.


The AGM was held yesterday evening and there was an excellent turnout with over 18 members.

Topics Discussed included the following :-

Apologies, Ed Goodwin & Mike Johnson

All officers were re-elected unopposed as follows :-

Dave Filer - Chairman
Mike Johnson - Secretary
Simon Weaver - Treasurer

Chairmans report - Dave gave a summary of how teams had fared over last season. The highlight being the D team winning Division 2 and the KO Cup. Dave Thanked all the Captains for their help over the season.

Treasurer's report - Simon presented the accounts and went through all income and expenditure items. The club's finances are still healthy and will enable us to continue to purchase new equipment when needed. Also it was hoped to keep the annual subscriptions the same for the next season.

Other matters raised:

Tom was concerned about not being picked next season for a game due to having a poor run of results. However he was assured by the committee that we will continue with the policy of giving everyone a game of league chess if they want. Even if this means we form another team to accommodate everyone.

Simon proposed that we continue to roll out the upgrading of our clocks by purchasing 4 more digital clocks for the C team. Another discussion followed about the pro's and cons of digital clocks versus analogue clocks. A vote was eventually taken and 15 voted for new digital clocks with 2 against.

Ben Graff requested that full address's plus postcodes to be put on fixture cards and club websites to make it easier to find away venues.

A team formation meeting is to be held mid September to finalise the teams for the new season.

Captains. John Harris has agreed to be a Captain next year. Joshua Pink is standing down.

Venue - Dave reminded all members that no food or drink can be brought into Massey Ferguson. The same applies to Away venues as well especially Nuneaton.

Mark Page also requested that we look at updating the boards as some of the older ones are in a poor state.

A request was made that we have a club night. However this would increase the annual subs if we had to pay for the hire of the room for another evening.

Simon thought that the new League Website and inputting of games had worked really well and gave players far more up to date information on teams positions in the League.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

AGM & Summer Cup Presentation

Just a reminder to all members the AGM is to be held this Tuesday 24/6/2014 7.30pm at Massey Ferguson Social Club.

All members are welcome to attend. If you wish a particular item to be added to the Agenda please let Simon Weaver or Dave Filer know before Tuesday.

Topics to be discussed INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING :-

Digital Clocks
Summer Cup Presentation
New Boards
Election of officials
Any other topic members wish to raise

Friday, 13 June 2014

British Championships

The 101st British Chess Championships will be held at Aberystwyth University, in Aberystwyth, Wales, between Saturday, 19th July and Saturday, 2nd August.
The 11-round Championship will feature 7 Grandmasters, including defending champion David Howell, and England's newly crowned European Seniors Champion, Keith Arkell. They will be joined by players who have qualified through various congresses around the British Isles since July 2013.
In addition to the main Championships, there are a wide variety of tournaments open to all players, subject to holding the appropriate category of membership:
* The British Graded Championships are played over five mornings, and there are four sections for players graded Under 120, Under 140, Under 160 and Under 180.
* The British Junior Championships are played over 6 or 7 rounds, with tournaments differing in length depending on the age group. There are tournaments ranging from a FIDE-rated Under 16 Championship to one-day Rapidplay Under 8 Championship.
* The British Seniors Championship will be played over 7 rounds, with two five-round grade-restricted Seniors tournaments: One in each week.
* There are FIDE-rated five-round morning and afternoon Open tournaments, as well as an 11-round FIDE-rated Major Open.
* For those who can only play over a shorter period, there are weekend tournaments and rapidplays on both Sundays.

With excellent accommodation packages and top quality playing conditions in one of Britain's best holiday locations, Aberystwyth provides an excellent opportunity to combine your enthusiasm for chess with your holiday.
The British Championships website has information ranging from the list of Championship qualifiers, accommodation packages, lists of entries for each tournament, and much more! You can find the website at:
To enter online, you can visit this page:
I hope to see you in Aberystwyth!
Alex Holowczak, ECF Director of Home Chess

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Summer Cup Results and Final Table

Well, The Summer Cup came to a conclusion last night. It was all very tense throughout the night as there were 5 or 6 players who could have secured first or second place. 

The final result was Dave Ireland getting a draw with Ed Goodwin which ensured he was the winner with 5 points. Rajen drew with Bob Holmes giving him 4.5 points along with Ben Graff.

On countback of their opponents points Rajan is the Runner Up with Ben in Third place. This was Ben's first Summer Cup so a great result for him narrowly missing out on a trophy.
Congratulations to Dave and Rajan.

Round Up
Ed Goodwin went through the whole tournament unbeaten having played most of the top players. Bob Holmes also went through the whole tournament unbeaten securing 5 draws along the way. Some one who will remain nameless, has suggested he changes his name to Bob "The draw" Holmes! Dave Filer also had an excellent tournament only loosing to Dave Ireland and ending up on 4 points. Pete Smith turned in a solid performance on 3 points.

Clive Blackburn, Stan Whitmore and Ian Evans all had a good tournament and were challenging the leaders thoroughout. They all ended up on 3.5 points.

Sachin Vats a new player to the Club earned 3 points consisting of 2 wins and 2 draws. He clearly will be an asset next season in the League.
Simon Curry another new player also got 2 points having only played in the final three rounds. So will be one to watch as well.

Paul Sweatman ended up with 2.5 points, a good result as he lost his first two games, but came back strongly in the latter stages of the tournament. John Harris also got 2.5 points but with one or two of his games he could have won having got into good positions.

I would just like to Thank all players who took part this year and have helped make it a really good competitive end of Season Tournament along with some very close games.
I intend to do the presentation of the Cups at the AGM on the 24th June. 

The club will be open as normal during the summer for friendlies, so feel free to call in for a quick game over the summer. All members and non members are welcome.

WINNER             D.Ireland    5
RUNNER UP     R.Parekh   4.5
B.Graff                 4.5
D.Filer                  4
E.Goodwin           4
S.Whitmore         3.5
R.Holmes            3.5
C.Blackburn       3.5
I.Evans                3
P.Smith               3
S.Vats                3.0
J.Harris             2.5
R.B.Manickam 2.5
D.Sheward      2
P.Sweatman    2.5
T.Beesley        2.5
S.Curry           2
R.Sian            1
T.Gazee         1
G.Cornell      2 
T.White          0

Round 6 Results

D.Ireland .5 .5 E.Goodwin
R.Parekh .5 .5 R.Holmes
B.Graff     1  0 P.Smith
D.Filer       1 0 J.Harris
C.Blackburn 1 0 R.B.Manickam
P.Sweatman 0 1 S.Whitmore
I.Evans          .5 .5 S.Vats
D.Sheward  0 1 G.Cornell
T.White         0  1 T.Beesley
S.Curry        1 0 R.Sian

Friday, 30 May 2014

Summer Cup Round 5 Results

Round 5 Results

D.Ireland 1 0 D.Filer
R.Parekh 1 0 C.Blackburn
E.Goodwin 1 0 J.Harris
R.Holmes .5 .5 P.Smith
R.B. Manickam .5 .5 P.Sweatman
D.Sheward 0 1 I.Evans
S.Whitmore 1 0 T.Beesley
S.Vats          1 0 R.Sian
S.Curry       0 1 G.Cornell

Rajan continues his success with a win over Clive. Dave Ireland won again and now only needs to win in the Final Round to secure the Summer Cup. The Runners up position can still be won by 5 or 6 players. So everything to play for in the last round .

Scores After 5 Rounds

D.Ireland 4.5
R.Parekh   4
D.Filer       3
B.Graff       3.5
E.Goodwin   3.5
R.Holmes        3
 P.Smith         3
C.Blackburn   2.5
J.Harris           2.5
R.B.Manickam 2.5
D.Sheward      2
P.Sweatman    2.5
S.Whitmore    2.5
T.Beesley        1.5
S.Vats             2.5
I.Evans           2.5
S.Weaver      1
S.Curry         1
T,White          0
T.Gazee         .5
G.Cornell       1

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Summer Cup Round 4 Results

Another evening of very close games and whilst Dave Ireland is out in front at the moment there are any number of players who could still win the tournament and  take the Runners Up spot.

Dave Ireland won the battle of the two front runners winning against Rajen. Ben Graff secured a win against Bava to move back into contention.

Next Round 27th May Tuesday 7.30pm

Full results as follows:-

R.Parekh  0 1 D.Ireland
R.Holmes .5 .5 E.Goodwin
R.B.Manickam 0 1 B.Graff
I.Evans            0  1 P.Smith
C.Blackburn    1 0 S.Vats
J.Harris            1 0 T.Beesley
T.Gazee           .5 .5 D.Sheward
P.Sweatman     1  0 R.Sian
S.Weaver         1 0 G.Cornell
T.White            0 1 S.Curry

D.Ireland 3.5
R.Parekh   3
D.Filer       3
B.Graff       3
E.Goodwin   2.5
R.Holmes        2.5
P.Smith           2.5
C.Blackburn   2.5
J.Harris           2.5
R.B.Manickam 2
D.Sheward      2

P.Sweatman    2
S.Whitmore    1.5
T.Beesley        1.5
S.Vats             1.5
I.Evans           1.5
S.Weaver      1
S.Curry         1
T,White          0
T.Gazee         .5
G.Cornell       0

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Summer Cup Round 3 Results

The 3rd round of the Summer Cup produced some very close games.

Dave Ireland was in a loosing position but managed to win due to a blunder by Bob. Rajen managed to win against Ben Graff in a very close match... at the last minute Rajen found a checkmate.
Ed Goodwin and Bava were level throughout their game and finally agreed a draw with only a few minutes left on each player's clock.

Trevor Beesley and Don Sheward continued there good run drawing their game them 1.5 points each.
Paul Sweatman picked up his first point of the tournament.

The above results mean only 2 players are now on 3 points.... Dave and Rajen. So this means they will be playing each other next week.

Here are the full results:-

D.Ireland    .5  .5  R.Holmes AMENDED RESULT
B.Graff       0  1  R.Parekh
E.Goodwin .5 .5 R.B.Manickam
D.Filer        1  0 P.Smith
C.Blackburn .5 .5 J.Harris
S.Whitmore  .5 .5 S.Vats
T.Beesley     .5  .5 D.Sheward
I.Evans         1   0 G.Cornell
P.Sweatman  1  0  T.White
R.Sian           1 0  T.Gazee

 D.Ireland 2.5
R.Parekh   3
D.Filer       2.5
B.Graff      2
E.Goodwin      2.5
R.Holmes        1.5
P.Smith           1.5
R.B.Manickam 2
C.Blackburn   1.5
J.Harris           1.5
S.Whitmore    1.5
T.Beesley        1.5
S.Vats             1.5
D.Sheward     1.5
I.Evans           1.5
P.Sweatman    1
T,White          0
T.Gazee         0
G.Cornell       0

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Summer Cup Round 2 Results

Round 2 Summer Cup Results

D. Ireland 1 0 I.Evans
E.Goodwin .5 .5 P.Smith
B.Graff      1 0 C.Blackburn
R. Holmes .5 .5 R.B Manickam
R.Parekh   1  0 J.Harris
D.Filer      1 0 P.Sweatman
T.Beesley  1 0 R.Sian
T.White     0 1 D.Sheward
G.Cornall  0 1 S.Vats
T.Gazee    0  1 S.Whitmore

The above results mean that after 2 rounds only three players are on 2 points :-

D.Ireland  2
R.Parekh  2
B.Graff     2

E.Goodwin 1.5
R.Holmes    1.5
D.Filer         1.5
P.Smith        1.5
R.B.Manickam 1.5
C.Blackburn   1
J.Harris           1
S.Whitmore    1
T.Beesley        1
S.Vats             1
D.Sheward     1
I.Evans           .5
P.Sweatman    0
T,White          0
T.Gazee         0
G.Cornell      0

Next Round Tuesday 13th May 2014 7.30pm.

It is hoped to have the Club AGM on the 24th June 2014 8pm. Will confirm the date later in the month.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Summer Cup Round 1 Results

The first round of the Summer Cup results are as follows:

D.Ireland        1 0 D.Sheward
E.Goodwin     1 0 T.Beesley
B.Graff           1 0 R.Sian
R.Holmes       1 0 S.Vats
C.Blackburn   1 0 P.Sweatman
J.Harris          1 0 G.Cornell
D.Filer           .5 .5  I.Evans
P.Smith          1 0 T.White
R.B.Manickam 1 0 S.Whitmore
R.Parekh      1 0 S.Weaver
D.Rowlands  Default
T.Gazee        Default

There were no surprise results in the first round, although there still some very close matches. There will also be a new holder of the Summer Cup as Joshua Pink has had to withdraw due to work commitments.

Next Round of the Cup Tuesday 6th May 7.30pm start.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Congratulations KO Cup Result

Last night the D Team won the KO Cup

So Congratulations go to Ben Graff, Pete Smith, Stan Whitmore, Clive Blackburn and Wesley Beeston.

This now means that the D team have won the Divison 2 and the KO Cup


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Summer Cup - John Evans Memorial Trophy

The first round of the The Summer Cup will start on Tuesday 29th April 2014. Normal format.

Swiss Tournament. Six Rounds. Free Entry to Coventry Chess Club members. This year to be graded games.

It is intended to run the competition over the following consecutive Tuesdays with the final round taking place on 3rd June 2014.

I have tried to contact everyone to see if they wish to participate but if I have not spoken to yet and you want to play do give me a call or email me. So far there are 21 entrants.

If you can not make any particular week do please let me know.

This year the defending Champion is Joshua Pink - who will be able to topple him ? Good Luck to everyone.


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Saitek Chess Clocks

As we are starting to use Digital Clocks more and more I found this instructional video on Youtube on how to set our Digital Clocks.

If you wish to search for any more information the name of the clock we use is Saitek Digital Clock.


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Division 2 Final Result

Congratulations go to Coventry D for winning Division 2.

They are level on points but win on game difference from University C and Rugby B.

For most of the season University have been top of the table and looked to be running away with the title. So well done to the D team players for securing the title at this late stage.

The team was made up of the following players:-

Pete "Terry Butcher" Smith all though his team call him "Captain Fantastic" to his face and other things behind his back!

Stan "The Killer" Whitmore

Clive "Billy the Kid" Blackburn

Wesley "Big Boy" Beeston

and some guest appearances by Ben "The Super Sub"Graff

Good Luck in the First Division next season !

Monday, 24 February 2014

First Game Review in PGN Format

Thank you to John Harris for providing the first game to be posted in PGN Format.

Can you find the best move on move 20 for White ?

If you have a game you would like published just drop me the PGN file.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Nuneaton Venue

To All Members

We have received a message from Colin Green to say that last week a University player brought in a drink to the venue. This drink was spotted by a member of staff and raised with Colin.

Nuneaton have asked us to remind all players that drinks are not allowed to be brought into the venue.

Could all Coventry players please note the above because as a club we have had similar problems in the past with venues regarding food and drink. I would also like to remind everyone that the same rules apply at the Massey Ferguson Club and if any member sees an away player with food or drink not from the venue, please inform your team captain immediately.

Thank you

Monday, 13 January 2014

4NCL NEW Coventry Team

A new team consisting of players mainly from Coventry Chess Club have entered a team in the 4NCL.

They go under the name "Throw in the Tal". They play in Divison 3 South. The Captain is Dave Ireland.

They have now played over two weekends and have obtained a fantastic 3 points, which is a great achievement considering on every match they have been heavily outgraded on most boards.

The first weekend was a difficult weekend for the team, loosing 5.5/.5 to the Gloucestershire Gambits and then the following day again loosing 5.5/.5 to the team Guildford 4.

However, the next round of matches produced a draw on the Saturday for the team to get there first ever point and then winning comfortably on the Sunday to claim 2 points. There have been some outstanding performances with Joshua Pink and Ed Goodwin winning 2.5 points.

Special mention must also go to Paul Sweatman who was heavily outgraded on Board 6, pulled off a stunning win to ensure the team claimed the win in Round 4.

A very interesting situation arose in Round 6 with Joshua. In the end game Joshua had a knight and a bishop against his opponents king. He very quickly checkmated his opponent.It is worth all chess players just checking that you know how to checkmate an opponent in a similar situation. You never know when you may need to use the technique!

If you want to see the full results of the team then the 4 ncl website is very informative - have a look here

 4NCL Website

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

A Happy New Year to All Coventry Chess Club Members !

After our two week break Normal Matches resume on Tuesday 7th January 2014. Please check fixture cards for matches.

Do not forget if you wish to check League and Cup Results go to this link League Tables

There is some great information there about players. You can now see a player's percentage score for the season - not only for Coventry members but also other clubs as well. So now it is very easy to check out how other players are performing.

You can also see opponents results from previous matches. This is information we have never been able to see before so do take a moment to have a look.

If you are looking to brush up on your openings  take a look here here might be something of interest ?

Just Click Below on the Image