Thursday, 31 January 2019

Match Result

Report from Ed Goodwin on Coventry Chess Club A first win since 2017

This was our first win in league 1 since January 17th 2017 

Henrik had a strong looking attack but over pressed trying to win against Mark Page and lost in a time scramble . A rare loss in what has been an excellent season.

Dave Ireland had to fight  to get a draw against Mike Donnelly who as always knew the opening very well. Dave would have liked to agree a draw earlier than he did but at that point the result of the match was unclear.

Bernard won against habitual opponent Ben Graff. Early on the game I didn’t think it looked that good for Bernard ( I may be wrong here). Then when I looked later he had won a rook.

My game against David Shurrock was a 22  move win with the London System after he allowed a Greek gift Bxh7 sacrifice. It was my first win in Division 1 for a season and a half.

Match result 

Coventry A 2.5 v 1.5 Kenilworth A

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Chess Coaching

Ever thought of having some Chess Coaching? 

Now is your Chance !


Ed Goodwin our A team captain is qualified as a chess coach and is DBS cleared. He is currently coaching primary school children at a Coventry school.
He is available for individual coaching for adults or children. Ed has played for the Coventry club for many years and has a current grade of 154 but has reached a high grade of 181 on a couple of occasions in the past. He recently had a tournament performance of 181 in the Shropshire Major tournament.

If you are interested in improving your chess please contact Ed in person at Coventry Chess club or on 07528 611 483,or on