Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Plate Final

Well done to everyone in the F team. They secured an excellent win over Nuneaton last night in the Plate final.

Rajen won an excellent game on Board 1 to complete the win for the team. Dave Howlin also managed to get an excellent draw. So congratulations to all the players who helped their team through to the final.
Rajen Parekh, Manoj Parekh, Clive Osman (captain) Dave Howlin.

Coventry F  2.75    v   2.5  Nuneaton D

Summer Cup

Third Round of the Summer Cup is next Tuesday 1st May

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Round One of Summer Cup

I have made the draw for the First Round of the Summer Cup starting on Tuesday 17th April.

The draw is as follows....good luck to everyone Simon

D.Ireland v J.Loughnane
R.Holmes v D.Howlin
D.Filer     v R.Parekh
H.Jones   v D.Sheward
Bava       v T.White
C.Blackburn v G.Cornell
W.Beeston v J.Harris
S.Whitmore v D.Rowlands
P.Sweatman v A.Paul
I.Evans v R.Sian
M.Parekh v T.Gazee

For new members RULES as follow:
The competition is based on a Swiss Tournament. (The top 12 have been seeded this year) Free entry to all club members. Draw for colours. Normal Coventry and District Chess playing conditions apply. ie 30 moves in 1.25 hours and then clock back for 15 mins. to complete the game. Six Rounds.
If you are not available for any round could you please let me know beforehand.  This tournament is not graded.

Simon Weaver

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Start of Summer Cup

The Summer Cup first round will now start on Tuesday April 17th, due to a rearranged match being played on the 10th April.