Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Summer Cup - Round 3

Round 3 of the Summer Cup held last night with a bumper turnout of 28 players !

So, we are now already half way through the competition and the competition for the top places is getting very tight. We now have two clear leaders in the competition and both players have just recently returned to OTB chess. Mike Donnelly is now on 3 points - with an impressive win over Bob Holmes - who has been a Runner Up on a number of occasions - and Bernard Charnley who had a win over the current holder of the Cup, Dave Ireland.

Although in hot pursuit are a number of players on 2 & 2.5 points of which any are capable of putting together a winning run.

Last night saw a number of players secure there first points of the competition... Paul Sweatman, Ravi Sian and  David Adams. Newcomer Tom Stamper also secured his first win.

Round 4 will be held next week - Tuesday 5th May

Thank you to all players for your participation so far !

And just when you thought we could not have anymore bizarre stories about chess FIDE's President comes up with a very odd suggestion for Chess Pieces - and no this is not an April Fool.!

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The Most Weird Way to Play Chess !

Results from Round 3

D.Ireland 0 1 B.Charnley
M.Donnelly 1 0 R.Holmes
S.B. Manickam 1 0 P.Smith
E.Goodwin .5 .5 M.Johnson
R.Parekh 1 0 I.Evans
B.Graff 1 0 C.Blackburn
W.Beeston 1 0 D.Sheward
Tom Stamper 1 0 N.Weaver
P.Sweatman 1 0 S.Williamson
S.Whitmore 1 0 T.Gazee
T.White 0 1 D.Filer
D.Adams 1 0 J. Matthews
R.Sian 1 0 G.Cornell

Points after 3 Rounds

M.Donnelly 3
B.Charnley 3
R.Parekh    2.5
D.Ireland   2
R.Parekh    2.5
J.Pink         2.5
E.Goodwin 2
M.Johnson  2
W.Beeston  2
Bava          2
D.Filer       2
R.Holmes    1.5
B.Graff         1.5
T.Stamper   1.5
P.Sweatman 1
N.Weaver   1
P.Smith       1
S.Weaver   1 
T.White      1
I.Evans       1
D.Sheward  1
C.Blackburn .5
S.Whitmore 1 
D.Adams     1
T.Gazee       0
G.Cornell     0
R.Sian        1
J.Matthews  0

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Summer Cup - Round 2

The second round of the Summer Cup was held yesterday evening (21/4/2015).

As there are a number of highly graded players in the tournament this year, this has meant that although we are only in Round 2, already the top seeds are playing each other. This of course resulted in some very close games and more draws in Round 2 than we would normally expect.

A good example is Bob Holmes playing Ed Goodwin - their game was very closely fought and with less than 3 minutes on his clock Ed managed to force a perpetual check and claim a draw. Mike Johnson's game against Rajan was again very close although Mike felt if he had played on he may have been able to force a win.
Another new player that continues to impress is Tom Stamper who earned a draw against Clive Blackburn. Tom get his nerve in a very tricky end game which would have been easy to loose.

Don Sheward provided an upset in his game beating Paul Sweatman. Wesley Beeston also claimed his first point of the tournament.

We now have some early leaders with 2 points:

Dave Ireland,Mike Donnelly,Joshua Pink and another newcomer Bernard Charnley closely followed by a number of players on 1.5 points Ed Goodwin,Rajen, Mike Johnson, Bob Holmes.

Dont forget the next round is.... Tuesday 28th April normal 7.30pm start

As I mentioned last week chess is finally getting some publicity in the national newspapers .. but only because of a GM trying to cheat! here is another article from the Independent talking about the pressures of playing top flight chess.

Chess Cheating Star

Full Results from 21/4/2015

D.Ireland 1 0 P.Smith
M.Donnelly 1 0 D.Filer
J.Pink 1 0 S.B. Manickam
E.Goodwin .5 .5 R.Holmes
R.Parekh .5 .5 M.Johnson
B.Charnley 1 0 B.Graff
W.Beeston 1 0 T.Gazee
C.Blackburn .5 .5 Tom Stamper
P.Sweatman 0 1 D.Sheward
I.Evans 1 0 S.Whitmore
T.White 1 0 J.Matthews
D.Adams 0 1 N.Weaver

Points after 2 Rounds
D.Ireland   2
M.Donnelly 2
J.Pink         2
B.Charnley 2
E.Goodwin 1.5
R.Parekh    1.5
M.Johnson  1.5
R.Holmes    1.5
N.Weaver   1
W.Beeston  1
Bava           1
D.Filer        1
P.Smith       1
S.Weaver   1 
T.White      1
I.Evans       1
D.Sheward  1
T.Stamper   .5
C.Blackburn .5
B.Graff         .5
S.Whitmore 0 
D.Adams     0
T.Gazee       0
G.Cornell     0
R.Sian          0
J.Matthews  0
P.Sweatman 0
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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

K.O Cup and Plate Final

The KO Cup and Plate Final were held last night at Massey Ferguson.

The KO Cup Final was between Rugby A and Newdigate.

Rugby A ended up the eventual winners by 3-1 over the board (3-2.25 with the handicap)

In the Plate Final between Coventry C and Nuneaton D. Nuneaton D won 3-1. Coventry C managed to secure a draw on Boards 1 and 3 but unfortunately loosing on Boards 2 and 4 therefore Nuneaton winning 3-1. The full result below.

Coventry  C        Nuneaton D
S.Manickam .5 .5 M.Maher
H.Jones 0 1  J.Rayner
S.Weaver .5 .5 P.McConnell
I.Evans 0 1 S.Dilley
              1  3
Next week (April 21st) the Summer Cup resumes - Round 2 - and will now run straight through until the final round.
There is still all to play for and I will be checking your iphone and the toilets!

Have a look here ....

A Chess Cheat 

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Summer Cup - Round 1

The first round of the Summer Cup is now complete and this year there were no surprise results, although one or two of the seeded players had a bit of a scare during their games!

A special mention must go to a new player, Tom Stamper who played Bob Holmes. Their match was very close and Bob had to play particularly careful to make sure he won. Bob was very impressed the way Tom played and is one to watch for the future.

Mike Donnelly, on his return to the club, secured a hard fought win over Paul Sweatman. Another new player, David Adams also played very well against Dave Filer and could quite easily have secured a draw at one point in the game.

As the tournament is a Swiss, next round you will be playing someone with the same number of points as yourself, so a fresh challenge for all players next time!

Next week we have the KO Cup Final and Plate Final at the Club. So the next round of the Summer Cup is on :-

Tuesday 21st April 

Full list of results from the first round:-

D.Ireland 1 0 T.White
M.Donnelly 1 0 P.Sweatman
R.Parekh 1 0 D.Sheward
J.Pink 1 0 C.Blackburn
E.Goodwin 1 0 I.Evans
B.Charnley 1 0 S.Whitmore
M.Johnson 1 0 R.Sian
R.Holmes 1 0 Tom Stamper
W.Beeston 0 1 S.Weaver
S.Manickam(Bava) 1 0 G.Cornell
D.Filer 1 0 David Adams
P.Smith 1 0 Jordan Matthews

Friday, 3 April 2015

Summer Cup - KO Cup and Plate - Further Update

The Summer cup is now ready for the first round on the 7th April.

We now have over 25 entrants with a number of new players.

I am also pleased to announce that a former Whoberley player - Mike Donnelly, who I am sure the longer serving members remember, has entered the competition. So do please, make him feel welcome on his return to the club.

There is still time to enter if your name is not down as the draw for the first round has not taken place.

To any prospective new members the Summer Cup is an ideal opportunity to join Coventry Chess Club and meet and play other club members. If you wish to take part call Simon Weaver on 01926 858093.

The entrants I have so far are - in no particular order: -

Paul Sweatman
Ravi Sian
Don Sheward
Ian Evans
Dave Ireland
Tom White
Simon Weaver
Trevor Gazee
Stan Whitmore
Pete Smith
Bob Holmes
David Adams
Clive Blackburn
Dave Filer
Joshua Pink
Ben Graff
Ed Goodwin
Mike Johnson
Wes Beeston
Rajan Parekh
Bernard Charnley
Mike Donnelly
Tom Stamper
Jordan Matthews
Nick Weaver

The second round will take place on the 21st April as I can now confirm that the KO Cup final between Rugby A v Newdigate and the
Plate Final... Coventry C v Nuneaton is to be held at Massey Ferguson on the 14th April.