Saturday, 9 December 2017

Nuneaton Chess Club - New Venue

I have been advised by Colin Green that as from January 1st 2018 Nuneaton Chess Club will be playing at the following venue: -

CV11 4JX
024 7673 5344

There is street car parking but also a car park at the rear accessed 
from George Street and a passageway to the front of the building.

When you are playing there for the first time please allow a few extra minutes to find the venue. 
Colin has also advised us that, as with most licenced premises we are not permitted to bring in our own food or drink.


Monday, 27 November 2017

KO Cup Draw

The KO Cup draw has been made

Coventry Chess has got the two BYES in this round the F Team and the B Team are through to the next round.

The D team has a tough match against the A Team. Coventry E are Home to Rugby C. and Coventry C are home to Rugby B.

We certainly stand a good chance of being well represented in the next round of the cup.

All matches to be played on the 5th December.

For the full draw go here  KO Cup Draw

Are You Due An Inheritance?

Just for a bit of fun, thought I would post this link where you can check if you are due an Inheritance from a long lost relative. There are over 10,000 Estates that remain unclaimed at present and these Estates are currently with our old friends the Treasury Department ie the Government! If they remain unclaimed, after 30 years the Estate passes to the Government forever and is lost If you check and find out you are entitled to some funds remember where you first heard about this and you could always donate a small part of your legacy to Coventry Chess Club! Probate Research

Friday, 6 October 2017

Match Report from first League Games

Ed Goodwin has kindly completed a match report on the first A team match against Coventry Chess Academy on the 3rd October.

If any other Captains would like to place a match report, please feel free.

We do have a new website under development and the ultimate idea is that we can post games to the website as well.

My Thanks to Ed and here is his match report:

 Match Report 03/10/2017 Div 1 Coventry Chess Academy A v Coventry Chess A

This is our first match report when the new website is up and running I hope to be able to put interesting positions or whole games in the article.

We faced the new Academy side who turned out to be strong outgrading us on 3 out of the 4 boards.
On board 1 Dave Ireland (White) faced Paul Lam against whom he previously had a 0-4 record. This seemed to me to be fairly uneventful from I think the 1 e4 Nc6 opening. Dave drew , a very good result.

Bernard played the only junior but a good one in David Phillips. This was the popular London System, with Bernard seeming to be under pressure on the king side , however he neutralised this and I thought he had an advantage afterwards but it proved not enough to win.

Against Alan Phillips  I played an appalling opening after a very early ..Ne4 in the Dutch defence and had to offer a pawn to develop. Alan thought I would have good compensation so he declined the offer. Then I set a trap which my opponent fell into and I won the exchange. But with two rooks and a bishop against rook knight and bishop just couldn’t find any winning plan. My opponent could have claimed the draw twice by threefold repetition. Eventually I ran short of time and offered him a draw which was accepted

Bava played the sharp Sicilian Dragon against Georgeta Ercsei . White castled queen side and launched an attack against Bava’s king on the king side. At a critical point Bava blocked the attack by placing his knight on h5, but Georgetta switched to attacking in the centre and Bava’s knight was completely cut off. When I looked again he had lost a number of pawns and was unable to hang on.

Match Result
Dave Ireland (175)         ½–½ Paul Lam (196)
Bernard Charnley (154) ½-½ David Phillips (144)
Ed Goodwin (156)           ½-½ Alan Phillips (168)
Bava Manickam (134)      0-1 Georgeta Ercsei (151)

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Leamington Rapid Play Report

Report from Ed Goodwin

Leamington Rapidplay Report Sunday September 10th

There were several Coventry Chess players taking part in this event organised by Ed Goodwin.
Dave Ireland scored a respectable 3/6 including a draw against Warwickshire champion Don Mason
Former member Josh Pink finished on 2½/6

Under 170
Bernard Charnley showed a welcome return to form finishing 3rd on 4½/6
Under 140

Clive Blackburn and John Conway scored 3½/6 sharing the grading prize

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Interesting Article

Whilst idly surfing around the interweb I came across this article on Coventry Chess  Academy's website: -

You may recognise a few of the players/coaches - It is worth a read if you have a few minutes. 

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

New Season

Calling all Coventry Chess Players !

Already Summer is nearly over and the New Chess Season will be upon us very soon so next Tuesday 29th August our Brand new Treasurer - David Adams will be collecting subs for the New Season.

Cost is as follows:-  £38.00 including Bronze membership to the ECF or if you have paid the ECF Online Club membership of £22.00.

The first match of the Season is on September 26th - Divisional Cup match.

We also welcome a couple of new clubs into the League - Coventry University into the Second Division and  a Junior team in each Division, run by Paul Lam - Coventry Chess Academy. Please note for this Season all Coventry Chess Academy away matches will be played at their Home venue.

If you are unable to attend next Tuesday could you let your Captain know as we are also starting to select the Teams for the New Season.

Look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 29th August.


Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Road Closures Around Massey Ferguson

For anyone coming to the club over the next three weeks please be aware of the following Road Works:-

There will be diversions in place to get to the Club.

Having looked at Google Maps, the best way to get to the club by car, is to come up Tile Hill Lane, turn right onto Banner Lane and then left along Astoria Drive which then brings you out onto Broad Lane, turn right and the Club is a few yards away.
I am unsure as to how Bus Services are affected.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

New Grades

The ECF have just issued the new grades for July. You can check here on this link your new grade:- 

Please note the text regarding grading : -

This is the first provisional edition of the July 2017 grading list. It is based on games played up to 30th June.
The August revision, as always, will be definitive, as it may include corrections and late-reported 2016-17 events. Many leagues will adopt the August revision for eligibility purposes.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Leamington Rapid Play

28th Leamington Rapidplay 2017

Organised by the Leamington & District Chess League

Sunday September 10th
The SYDNI Centre
24 Cottage Square
Leamington Spa
CV31 1PT
Four Fide Rated sections
 Open, Under 170, Under 140 and Under 110
Chief Organiser: Ed Goodwin

Arbiters : Matthew Carr (Chief Arbiter)
                                        Thomas Thorpe

Information for Players

Entry Refusal: The Organiser reserves the right to refuse an entry for any reason.

Appeals: Appeals may be made to the Chief Arbiter. His decision shall be final.

ECF/FIDE Grading: All sections will be ECF-graded and FIDE-rated

Juniors: A junior is a player born on or after 1 July 1999

Grading  For the purposes of placing players in sections the ECF rapidplay grade will be used, if none exists then the  ECF standard.  Players without any ECF grading should provide the Entries Secretary with details of his/her playing strength.

The organiser reserves the right to move players to the appropriate section.

Grading Prizes: The limits for grading prizes will be published by the end of round 3

Refreshments: Hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and hot snacks will be available at the venue

Parking: Limited free parking is available at the venue, other free parking is available in the surrounding streets.

Enquiries: Please e-mail to, or call/text Ed Goodwin on 07528 611483

Entry fee
£20 adults £15 Juniors

All Sections – Additional £7.50 for Bronze ECF members or non members
                         No entries taken after noon on Saturday 9th September

Time Control        20 minutes per player per game with the addition of 10 seconds a move throughout

Schedule                                R1 10:00-11:00, R2 11:15-12:15, R3 12:45-13:45
                                                                R4 14:00-15:00 R5 15:15-16:15 16:30-17:30

Prizes                                     All sections   1st - £150, 2nd - £90, 3rd - £50, Grading - £30
                                                                There will be no official prizegiving.
                         Prizes will be paid by BACS after the conclusion of the event.

Entry Form
Postal Entries should be sent to the entries secretary:
E. Goodwin, 1 Conway Avenue, Coventry CV4 9JA
Online Entries to
Cheques made payable to:
Leamington & District Chess League
Bank Transfer to account 91070371 Sort Code 40 26 22

Section  Open(  )   U170(  )  U140(  )  U110(  ) 

Forename                                                                                                                    Surname                                                                                                         
ECF Membership Num. (1 or 2 letters, then 5 digits):                                                                                              
ECF Grading Reference (6 digits, followed by 1 letter):                                                                               
ECF Rapidplay Grade                                                                                                                                                                         
ECF Standardplay Grade                                                        _______________
Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy):                                                                                                                                      /                       /                      
National Federation (e.g. ENG WLS)                                   ______
Telephone                                                                                                                   Mobile                                                                                                            
E-mail address                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Postal Address                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                __                                  Postcode                                                                                               
Entry Fee                                                                                                                                 £                                 
Non-Member/Bronze Surcharge                                £                                 
Donations to The League                                            £                                 
Total Entry Fee Due                                                                                                   £                                  

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Monday tournament

In the post below, I mentioned a tournament; which I will expand on here.
The tournament is open to players that played for Coventry Chess Club last season.
It will be handicap based, subject to your latest grade, (currently January grades).
It'll be an all play all blitz event, with lower rated players receiving more time.
The tournament will be played every Monday over July (5 evenings).
The prizes will be £300, £250, £200, £150, £100, based on 20 entries.
Prize money will be increased or reduced, depending on number of entries.
Entry fee is £50, which covers all of the five Monday evenings in July.
Players will need to commit to playing all 5 Mondays, as it's an all play all.
If entering, contact me at, by noon Sunday 2nd July.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Tournament next Monday

There is a tournament at the club next Monday, 8.30pm start, for Coventry Chess club members.
£1000 in prize money.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

AGM & Summer Cup Presentation

The AGM was held on  June 6th along with the Presentation of the Summer Cup

Topics discussed:

The committee has a new look with two resignations last night and four new appointments

Teams for next Season - there will be 6 teams next Season

Paul Lam gave us an update on the Coventry Academy and informed us they will be entering three new teams into the League.

After the AGM we then had light refreshments

The Summer Cup trophys were also presented to Dave Ireland, Ed Goodwin and Stan Whitmore

The club will be open for friendlies during the Summer Months

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Summer Cup - Round 6 Final Results

The final matches of the Summer Cup were held on the 30th May and with the Winner/Runner Up and U120 Trophy all still wide open for a number of players there was plenty to play for. Plus of course a lot of players had their own personal target, for example to get 3 points or remain unbeaten throughout the Tournament, or finish in the top ten.

For the Summer Cup Dave Ireland(Black) played Mike Donnelly(White) and the match ended up a draw with Dave under a lot of pressure for most of the game. Mike Donnelly did say in analysis after the game there was a win for himself however as he had only 7 minutes on the clock to Daves 20 minutes this was probably not long enough to have found the win in the time he had left.

Ed Goodwin beat Nigel Morris which meant he tied with Dave Ireland on 5 points - having got out my slide rule, calculator and the most powerful computer money can buy I crunched the numbers and did a count back on both their previous games and the final result is : Dave Ireland came out the Winner with Ed Good win as Runner Up - it was very close - only half a point difference between them.

For the  Gordon Cornell Trophy again any number of players could have won this, however Stan Whitmore is the overall winner on 3.5 points - again I had to use my slide rule, calculator and Deep Blue to work out the winner as he tied with John Conway on 3.5 points.

Round Up of the Competition:

Mike Donnelly secured third place with a draw against Dave Ireland.

Mike Johnson remained unbeaten throughout the Tournament with 4 draws, 1 win.

Paul Sweatman had a remarkable competition only loosing in the first round to Dave Ireland and then securing 4 draws and a win against mainly opponents who outgraded him.

Clive Blackburn also had an excellent competition again only loosing in the first round and then had four draws and a win.

As well as winning the U120 Stan Whitmore finished 5th overall in the competition.

Dave Filer was challenging all along for a top spot and only lost to Ed Goodwin in the fouth round. Dave finished fourth in the competition - an excellent result

Pete Smith finished with three points only loosing to Mike Donnelly. One win and four draws.

And that brings the competition to a close, so Congratulations to Dave Ireland, Ed Goodwin and Stan Whitmore and the trophies have been sent to the engravers and hopefully will be ready for presentation at the AGM next week.

I would just like to Thank all players for taking part and making the competition a success and I hope everyone enjoyed the Competition.

Match results from Round 6 (30th May)

D. Ireland .5 .5 M.Donnelly
E.Goodwin 1 0 N.Morris
Bava 0 1 D.Filer
S.Whitmore .5 .5 J.Conway
H.Jones .5 .5 M.Johnson
P.Sweatman .5 .5 J.Harris
P.Smith .5 .5 C.Blackburn
R.Watson 1 0 J.Loughnane
D.Adams 0 1 A.Franklin
W.Beeston .5 .5 I.Evans
T.White 0 1 G.Cornell

Total Scores after 6 rounds.

D. Ireland       5 - Winner
E.Goodwin     5 - Runner Up

M.Donnelly    4.5
D.Filer           4
S.Whitmore   3.5  - UI20 Winner 
J.Conway       3.5
P.Sweatman  3
Bava             3
N.Morris         3 
M.Johnson     3
P.Smith          3
C.Blackburn    3
R.Watson        2.5
J.Harris        2.5
G.Cornell      2.5
J.Loughnane  2
I.Evans         2
A.Franklin      2
D.Adams      1.5
W.Beeston    1.5
T.White         .5
M..Houldershaw 1
N.Critchley   0
W.Ingram     0
S.Weaver    2

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Summer Cup - Round 5

Round 5 produced some more exciting games especially Dave Ireland against Ed Goodwin. The game ended as a draw however Ed only had 2 seconds left on his clock ! (Dave had just over a minute) This is where a digital clock really does come into its own as everyone could clearly see exactly how long each player had left. Ed played well especially as he had the black pieces.

Mike Donnelly and Bava also had a very close game, Mike informed me he sacrificed a piece but just couldnt quite break down Bava's defences and so they both agreed a draw.
Stan Whitmore continued his excellent form and yet again despite being outgraded, he got a draw against Dave Filer

Paul Sweatman continues to have a good Tournament and despite Pete Smith having two pawns on the seventh rank Paul managed to fight back and force a draw. Paul has only lost to Dave Ireland so far in the Tournament.

Clive Blackburn is also having a good run, his only loss was in the first round to Mike Donnelly and he won last night against Gordon Cornell.
Mike Johnson has not yet lost a match (although he did miss one week due to holidays) and won his game last night.
David Adams and Ian Evans played a very good game, coming down to a difficult end game but finally agreeing a draw.

What does all of last night's results mean for the trophy's ?

Clearly, Dave Ireland is in pole position to win the Summer Cup however if he looses next week to Mike Donnelly then he could let in Ed Goodwin or of course Mike Donnelly.

Runners up spot is even less clear  with at least 6 other players in with a chance of finishing second

The Gordon Cornell trophy is also wide open with Stan Whitmore and John Conway on 3 points both leading at the moment. However there are a number of players on 2.5 points - Clive Blackburn, Pete Smith, Paul Sweatman who are all still in real contention - All depends on next weeks results.

I thought it was interesting that the first game to finish was well past 9pm, showing that all players were fairly evenly matched. I think this shows how a Swiss Tournament should work - that eventually all players end up playing other players of roughly equal playing strength and gives everyone a fair chance to play an opponent of equal strength.

 So, final round next week and then we have our AGM the following week where we hope as many club members will join us in the election of new officers. Hopefully everyone has received a letter from Dave Filer regarding the AGM, if not let me know and I can let you have a copy (I have uploaded a copy in the Facebook group for those members on Facebook)

Match results from Round 5 (23rd May)

D.Ireland  .5 .5 E.Goodwin
M.Donnelly .5 .5 Bava
S.Whitmore .5 .5 D.Filer
N.Morris 1 0 J.Harris
P.Smith .5 .5 P.Sweatman
J.Loughnane 1 0 T.White
H.Jones 1 0 W.Beeston
C.Blackburn 1 0 G.Cornell
M.Johnson 1 0 R.Watson
D.Adams .5 .5 I.Evans
J.Conway 1 0 A.Franklin

Total Scores after 5 rounds.
D. Ireland    4.5
E.Goodwin   4
M.Donnelly  4
Bava           3
D.Filer        3 
J.Harris       2
S.Whitmore  3
N.Morris       3 
P.Smith          2.5
J.Conway       3
C.Blackburn    2.5 
R.Watson        1.5
M..Houldershaw 1
M.Johnson    2.5
J.Loughnane  2
P.Sweatman  2.5
D.Adams      1.5
W.Beeston    1
A.Franklin      .5
T.White         .5
G.Cornell     1.5
I.Evans         1.5
N.Critchley   0
W.Ingram     0
S.Weaver    2

Picture from last night :

Final Round Tuesday 31st May 7.30pm

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Summer Cup - Round 4

The fourth round produced some very good games. Dave Ireland won again so he is clearly the player to  beat at the moment. He is closely followed by Ed Goodwin and Mike Donnelly both on 3.5 points.
Stan Whitmore continued his good form and won against Howard Jones. Paul Sweatman also won against David Adams and is now another challenger for the Gordon Cornell cup.
Roy Watson and Clive Blackburn had a marathon game with over 80 moves! but they agreed a draw with only a King and pawn for Clive and a King and two pawns for Roy.

Here are the results from last night (16th may)

D.Ireland 1 0 Bava
E.Goodwin 1 0 D.Filer
M.Donnelly 1 0 S.Harris
H.Jones   0 1 S.Whitmore
J.Conway .5 .5 N.Morris
P.Smith  .5 .5 M.Johnson
R.Watson .5 .5 C.Blackburn
P.Sweatman 1 0 D.Adams
J.Loughanane 1 0 W.Beeston(Default)
G.Cornell 1 0 A.Franklin
I.Evans 1 0 T.White

Total Scores after 4 rounds.
D. Ireland    4
E.Goodwin  3.5
M.Donnelly 3.5
Bava          2.5
D.Filer        2.5
H.Jones     1.5
J.Harris       2
S.Whitmore 2.5
N.Morris       2 
P.Smith        2
J.Conway    2
C.Blackburn 1.5 
R.Watson     1.5
M..Houldershaw 1
M.Johnson    1.5
J.Loughnane 2
P.Sweatman  2
D.Adams      1
W.Beeston    1
A.Franklin      .5
T.White         .5
G.Cornell     1.5
I.Evans         1
N.Critchley  0
W.Ingram     0
S.Weaver    2

Next Round May 23rd 7.30pm. Round 5. 

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Summer Cup - Round 3

We are now already half-way through the Summer Cup and a clear leader in the Tournament has emerged - Dave Ireland. Although he is closely followed by Ed Goodwin,Mike Donnelly, Bava and Dave Filer on 2.5 points.

Last night produced some very close matches.Particular Ed Goodwin against Mike Donnelly. This match went down to the last few seconds on both players clocks before they agreed a draw, in a very difficult end game for both players.

Bava also won again with less then 30 seconds left on his clock against Howard Jones. Stan Whitmore continued his excellent run against higher graded players by obtaining a draw against Nigel Morris.

The challenge for the Gordon Cornell trophy is led by three players Stan Whitmore,Pete Smith and John Conway - all on 1.5 points.

There is still all to play for as we enter the second half of the Tournament

Here is a list of all the results from the 9th May

D.Ireland     1  0     J.Harris
E.Goodwin .5 .5 M.J. Donnelly
Bava            1 0  H.Jones
D.Filer         1 0  R.Watson
N.Morris     .5 .5 S.Whitmore
P.Smith       .5 .5 J.Conway
W.Beeston  .5 .5 C.Blackburn
P.Sweatman .5 .5 J.Loughnane
G.Cornell     0  1  D.Adams
T.White        .5 .5 A.Franklin
S.Weaver     1   0 I.Evans

D. Ireland    3
E.Goodwin  2.5
M.Donnelly 2.5
Bava          2.5
D.Filer        2.5
H.Jones     1.5
J.Harris       2
S.Whitmore  1.5
N.Morris       1.5 
P.Smith        1.5
J.Conway    1.5
C.Blackburn 1 
R.Watson     1
M..Houldershaw 1
M.Johnson    1
J.Loughnane 1
P.Sweatman  1
D.Adams      1
W.Beeston    1
A.Franklin      .5
T.White         .5
G.Cornell     .5
I.Evans         0
N.Critchley  0
W.Ingram     0
S.Weaver    2

As usual the next round is next Tuesday :- Round 4 Tuesday 16th May 7.30pm (We may have to wait for Zumba to finish again - depending on the progress of the Building work) 

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Summer Cup - Round 2

Another good set of Summer cup games in Round 2 with one or two surprise results. Paul Sweatman earning a draw with Clive Blackburn and Gordon Cornel getting a draw against Wesley Beeston are two results of particular note.

Althogh John Loughnane lost to John Harris he put in a great performance and analysis afterwards showed he could easily have won by playing a pawn one square forward.

Next week will see the seeded players start to play each other, which should produce some exciting games.

Results from 2nd May

D.Ireland 1 0 J.Conway
E.Goodwin 1 0 R.Watson
M.Donnelly 1 0 P.Smith
Bava .5 .5 M.Johnson
H.Jones .5 .5 D.Filer
J.Harris 1 0 J.Loughnane
D.Adams 0 1 S.Weaver
P.Sweatman .5 .5 C.Blackburn
N.Morris 1 0 A.Franklin
S.Whitmore 1 0 T.White
W.Beeston .5 .5 G.Cornell

D. Ireland    2
E.Goodwin  2
M.Donnelly 2
Bava          1.5
H.Jones       1.5
J.Harris       2
D.Filer        1.5
R.Watson    1
J.Conway    1
M..Houldershaw 1
P.Smith        1
M.Johnson    1
J.Loughnane .5
P.Sweatman  .5
A.Franklin    0
C.Blackburn .5
S.Whitmore  1
I.Evans         0
D.Adams      0
G.Cornell     .5
N.Critchley  0
W.Beeston   .5
W.Ingram    0
S.Weaver   1

Round 3 Tuesday 9th May.7.30pm - Look forward to seeing everyone next week.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Summer Cup - Round 1

The first round of the Summer Cup got under way last night (Tuesday 25th April) and yet again produced some surprise results.
There were 12 matches and here is a quick review of some of the games.

John Loughnane drew with Mike Johnson - a really good result for John a 35 point grading difference. Pete Smith won against Nigel Morris again about a 30 point difference in grading.
Special mention must go to Stan Whitmore who came within 30 seconds of winning against Bava. The game went right to the end with Bava only having 20-30 seconds left on his clock. Stan seemed to have the upper hand for a lot of the game and only lost in a time scramble at the end.Stan very sportingly resigned when he was a piece down.

Gordon Cornell put a valliant effort against Dave Filer and their match was the last to finish with Dave eventually winning on time.
We also welcomed two new players to the Summer Cup Wayne Ingram and Matthew Houldershaw, who took part in their first competitive game.
The first round certainly produced some very competitive chess and very interesting games, so my Thanks to all players for last night, it makes it a pleasure to organise the Tournament.


D.Ireland     1 0 P.Sweatman
E.Goodwin  1 0 A.Franklin
M.Donnelly 1 0 C.Blackburn
Bava            1 0 S.Whitmore
N.Morris     0  1 P.Smith
H.Jones       1 0 I.Evans
J.Harris       1 0 D.Adams
M.Johnson  .5 .5 J.Loughnane
D.Filer        1 0 G.Cornell
R.Watson    1 0  N.Critchley
W.Beeston   0 1 J.Conway
W.Ingram    0 1 M.Houldershaw

D. Ireland    1
E.Goodwin  1
M.Donnelly 1
Bava            1
H.Jones       1
J.Harris       1
D.Filer        1
R.Watson    1
J.Conway    1
M..Houldershaw 1
P.Smith        1
M.Johnson    .5
J.Loughnane .5
P.Sweatman  0
A.Franklin    0
C.Blackburn 0
S.Whitmore  0
I.Evans         0
D.Adams      0
G.Cornell     0
N.Critchley  0
W.Beeston   0
W.Ingram    0

Round 2 Tuesday - 2nd May

Massey Ferguson have advised me that next week there may be some building work going on in the room where we normally play, so we may have to play in the lounge behind the bar or in the Hall after Zumba has finished.