Friday, 6 October 2017

Match Report from first League Games

Ed Goodwin has kindly completed a match report on the first A team match against Coventry Chess Academy on the 3rd October.

If any other Captains would like to place a match report, please feel free.

We do have a new website under development and the ultimate idea is that we can post games to the website as well.

My Thanks to Ed and here is his match report:

 Match Report 03/10/2017 Div 1 Coventry Chess Academy A v Coventry Chess A

This is our first match report when the new website is up and running I hope to be able to put interesting positions or whole games in the article.

We faced the new Academy side who turned out to be strong outgrading us on 3 out of the 4 boards.
On board 1 Dave Ireland (White) faced Paul Lam against whom he previously had a 0-4 record. This seemed to me to be fairly uneventful from I think the 1 e4 Nc6 opening. Dave drew , a very good result.

Bernard played the only junior but a good one in David Phillips. This was the popular London System, with Bernard seeming to be under pressure on the king side , however he neutralised this and I thought he had an advantage afterwards but it proved not enough to win.

Against Alan Phillips  I played an appalling opening after a very early ..Ne4 in the Dutch defence and had to offer a pawn to develop. Alan thought I would have good compensation so he declined the offer. Then I set a trap which my opponent fell into and I won the exchange. But with two rooks and a bishop against rook knight and bishop just couldn’t find any winning plan. My opponent could have claimed the draw twice by threefold repetition. Eventually I ran short of time and offered him a draw which was accepted

Bava played the sharp Sicilian Dragon against Georgeta Ercsei . White castled queen side and launched an attack against Bava’s king on the king side. At a critical point Bava blocked the attack by placing his knight on h5, but Georgetta switched to attacking in the centre and Bava’s knight was completely cut off. When I looked again he had lost a number of pawns and was unable to hang on.

Match Result
Dave Ireland (175)         ½–½ Paul Lam (196)
Bernard Charnley (154) ½-½ David Phillips (144)
Ed Goodwin (156)           ½-½ Alan Phillips (168)
Bava Manickam (134)      0-1 Georgeta Ercsei (151)

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