Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Saitek Chess Clocks

As we are starting to use Digital Clocks more and more I found this instructional video on Youtube on how to set our Digital Clocks.

If you wish to search for any more information the name of the clock we use is Saitek Digital Clock.


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Division 2 Final Result

Congratulations go to Coventry D for winning Division 2.

They are level on points but win on game difference from University C and Rugby B.

For most of the season University have been top of the table and looked to be running away with the title. So well done to the D team players for securing the title at this late stage.

The team was made up of the following players:-

Pete "Terry Butcher" Smith all though his team call him "Captain Fantastic" to his face and other things behind his back!

Stan "The Killer" Whitmore

Clive "Billy the Kid" Blackburn

Wesley "Big Boy" Beeston

and some guest appearances by Ben "The Super Sub"Graff

Good Luck in the First Division next season !