Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Coventry Chess Academy

As mentioned at the AGM by Mike Johnson please find a note from Paul Lam about the Coventry Chess Academy:

Hello Mike,

I have some good news regarding the Coventry Chess Academy (CCA) which we discussed at the Coventry League AGM. I have now secured a venue for the academy. It will be at Cheylesmore Community Centre (The following link contains further details The provisional launch date is 13/07/2013.

I'm looking for volunteers who are interested in coaching at the academy. Previous experience of teaching chess and working with children would be preferred, but it is not essential. Obtaining DBS clearance is required. I can assist with the process of applying for this by registering the CCA with an umbrella body. I will then arrange face-to-face meetings with applicants, check relevant documents etc, and submit applications online on their behalf which the umbrella body will process. This will cost less than usual and the turnaround time would be quicker. Or so I'm led to believe from my phone conversation with the umbrella body. I'm still awaiting a comprehensive email explaining the procedure from them.

Would it be possible for you to pass this message onto the Coventry League club secretaries, so that they in turn can forward it to their members? It would be much appreciated. If anyone has any questions, they are welcome to send me an email or to call me on 07769892520.

Many thanks,

Paul Lam

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Club - AGM

Just to remind all members the club AGM will be held on June 11th Tuesday. Start 7.30-8.00pm

All members and non members are very welcome to attend.

The topics we intend to cover are the following -

Election of Officials
Election of Captains
Chairman's report
Proposed membership fee
Treasurers report
Secretary's report
League AGM - any issues arising affecting members (match cards/ new website)
Summer Cup presentation
Website Update

If any member would like to add any other points to the Agenda let Mike Johnson, Dave Filer or myself know.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Summer Cup

Many thanks to Simon for running a great tournament, as always ! Congrats to Josh for winning, and good to see some newcomers this year. In particular, it will be interesting to see how my last round opponent, Sean Doherty, fares in the new season. Sean played remarkably for someone that has little OTB competitive chess experience, and has just started taking online lessons from a GM, so he's obviously serious about improving.

Round 6 of Summer Cup

The final round of the Summer Cup was played yesterday evening and congratulations must go to Joshua Pink who has scored 6/6 and has therefore won the 2013 John Evans Memorial Trophy Summer Cup.

Congratulations must also go to Dave Ireland who was this year's Runner Up with a score of 5/6.

Ed Goodwin scored 4/6 only loosing once in the tournament

In matches last night Joshua only needed a draw to win the Cup and he actually won his match against Bava.

Paul Sweatman achieved a very creditable draw against Clive Blackburn. Don Sheward also played very well to secure a draw against Pete Smith. As mentioned previously our two newcomers also performed very well - Gerald Reason drawing with Howard Jones and although Sean Doherty lost against Dave Ireland he played very well.

Tournament Round Up

Bob Holmes narrowly missed out on a trophy this year with 4.5 points and yet again had an excellent Cup run and always does consistently well in this tournament.

Bava had a very good tournament securing 4/6 and had a chance of winning the Cup right upto the last round. The two games he lost were to Dave and Joshua

Stan Whitmore, Clive Blackburn, Pete Smith  also had an excellent Cup Run - only loosing twice in the tournament.

Well Done to Paul Sweatman who also achieved 3.5 points only loosing twice as well, with one being to Dave Ireland

John McCann and John Harris also obtained 3 points another solid performance.

A special mention for Sean Doherty who got 3.5 points for the tournament and was challenging the leaders at the end of the Cup... a great result for someone who is just learning the game!

Gerald Reason who has recently returned to chess after a long period also scored a creditable 2.5 points - having missed the first round.

Daniel Rowlands also only lost twice scoring 2.5 points

A big Thank you to all  the players who took part in the Cup and playing in the spirit of the game this made it a very enjoyable tournament to run and organise.

Presentation of the trophy's will take place at the AGM next week - 11th June 2013 7.30pm - 8pm

Results from last night

J.Pink 1 0 Bava
D.Ireland 1 0 S.Doherty
P.Sweatman .5 .5 C.Blackburn
R.Holmes 1 0 J.Harris
E.Goodwin 1 0 J.McCann
D.Rowlands .5 .5 J.Faill
D.Sheward .5 .5 P.Smith
I.Evans 0 1 S.Whitmore
G.Reason .5 .5 H.Jones
T.Beesley .5 .5 T.Gazee
G.Cornell 1 0 T.White

Overall Results

J.Pink             6   Winner
D.Ireland        5    Runner Up
R.Holmes       4.5
E.Goodwin     4
Bava              4
P.Sweatman    3.5
C.Blackburn   3.5
S.Doherty       3.5
S.Whitmore    3
D.Sheward     3
J.McCann       3
J.Harris           3
D.Rowlands    3
R.Parekh        2.5
P.Smith           2.5
J.Faill             2.5
T.Sheasby      2.5
H.Jones          2.5
G.Reason       2.5
I.Evans           2
R.Sian            2
G.Cornell       2
D.Filer           1.5
T.Gazee         .5
T.Beesley      .5
W.Beeston    .5
T.White         0
C.Dobson     0

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Test Post for Coventry League Website


Mike - links as requested

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