Thursday, 29 June 2017

Monday tournament

In the post below, I mentioned a tournament; which I will expand on here.
The tournament is open to players that played for Coventry Chess Club last season.
It will be handicap based, subject to your latest grade, (currently January grades).
It'll be an all play all blitz event, with lower rated players receiving more time.
The tournament will be played every Monday over July (5 evenings).
The prizes will be £300, £250, £200, £150, £100, based on 20 entries.
Prize money will be increased or reduced, depending on number of entries.
Entry fee is £50, which covers all of the five Monday evenings in July.
Players will need to commit to playing all 5 Mondays, as it's an all play all.
If entering, contact me at, by noon Sunday 2nd July.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Tournament next Monday

There is a tournament at the club next Monday, 8.30pm start, for Coventry Chess club members.
£1000 in prize money.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

AGM & Summer Cup Presentation

The AGM was held on  June 6th along with the Presentation of the Summer Cup

Topics discussed:

The committee has a new look with two resignations last night and four new appointments

Teams for next Season - there will be 6 teams next Season

Paul Lam gave us an update on the Coventry Academy and informed us they will be entering three new teams into the League.

After the AGM we then had light refreshments

The Summer Cup trophys were also presented to Dave Ireland, Ed Goodwin and Stan Whitmore

The club will be open for friendlies during the Summer Months

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Summer Cup - Round 6 Final Results

The final matches of the Summer Cup were held on the 30th May and with the Winner/Runner Up and U120 Trophy all still wide open for a number of players there was plenty to play for. Plus of course a lot of players had their own personal target, for example to get 3 points or remain unbeaten throughout the Tournament, or finish in the top ten.

For the Summer Cup Dave Ireland(Black) played Mike Donnelly(White) and the match ended up a draw with Dave under a lot of pressure for most of the game. Mike Donnelly did say in analysis after the game there was a win for himself however as he had only 7 minutes on the clock to Daves 20 minutes this was probably not long enough to have found the win in the time he had left.

Ed Goodwin beat Nigel Morris which meant he tied with Dave Ireland on 5 points - having got out my slide rule, calculator and the most powerful computer money can buy I crunched the numbers and did a count back on both their previous games and the final result is : Dave Ireland came out the Winner with Ed Good win as Runner Up - it was very close - only half a point difference between them.

For the  Gordon Cornell Trophy again any number of players could have won this, however Stan Whitmore is the overall winner on 3.5 points - again I had to use my slide rule, calculator and Deep Blue to work out the winner as he tied with John Conway on 3.5 points.

Round Up of the Competition:

Mike Donnelly secured third place with a draw against Dave Ireland.

Mike Johnson remained unbeaten throughout the Tournament with 4 draws, 1 win.

Paul Sweatman had a remarkable competition only loosing in the first round to Dave Ireland and then securing 4 draws and a win against mainly opponents who outgraded him.

Clive Blackburn also had an excellent competition again only loosing in the first round and then had four draws and a win.

As well as winning the U120 Stan Whitmore finished 5th overall in the competition.

Dave Filer was challenging all along for a top spot and only lost to Ed Goodwin in the fouth round. Dave finished fourth in the competition - an excellent result

Pete Smith finished with three points only loosing to Mike Donnelly. One win and four draws.

And that brings the competition to a close, so Congratulations to Dave Ireland, Ed Goodwin and Stan Whitmore and the trophies have been sent to the engravers and hopefully will be ready for presentation at the AGM next week.

I would just like to Thank all players for taking part and making the competition a success and I hope everyone enjoyed the Competition.

Match results from Round 6 (30th May)

D. Ireland .5 .5 M.Donnelly
E.Goodwin 1 0 N.Morris
Bava 0 1 D.Filer
S.Whitmore .5 .5 J.Conway
H.Jones .5 .5 M.Johnson
P.Sweatman .5 .5 J.Harris
P.Smith .5 .5 C.Blackburn
R.Watson 1 0 J.Loughnane
D.Adams 0 1 A.Franklin
W.Beeston .5 .5 I.Evans
T.White 0 1 G.Cornell

Total Scores after 6 rounds.

D. Ireland       5 - Winner
E.Goodwin     5 - Runner Up

M.Donnelly    4.5
D.Filer           4
S.Whitmore   3.5  - UI20 Winner 
J.Conway       3.5
P.Sweatman  3
Bava             3
N.Morris         3 
M.Johnson     3
P.Smith          3
C.Blackburn    3
R.Watson        2.5
J.Harris        2.5
G.Cornell      2.5
J.Loughnane  2
I.Evans         2
A.Franklin      2
D.Adams      1.5
W.Beeston    1.5
T.White         .5
M..Houldershaw 1
N.Critchley   0
W.Ingram     0
S.Weaver    2