Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Summer Cup - Round 6 - Final Results

The final round of the Summer Cup was held last night, in what was a very tense evening with a number of players able to secure a Winners or Runners Up position.

The final result is that Joshua Pink and Dave Ireland ended up on 5 points each. Therefore after a count back of each of their opponents results the winner is  . .  . . . . . . .

Joshua Pink - So congratulations to Joshua, but also to Dave who has secured the Runners Up spot.

Josh secured his position by a very impressive win over the previous front runner, Bernard Charnley. Bernard has had a really good first Summer Cup competition finishing on 4.5 points only loosing to the eventual winner.
Special mention for Bava who yet again had a good competition and could have won the tournament if he had won his last  game.

Mike Donnelly also had an excellent tournament on his return to playing Over the Board  chess, finishing on 4.5 points in the third position.

Ben Graff finished strongly on 3.5 points, and we wish him well playing for Kenilworth and look forward to seeing him next year in the tournament.

Clive Blackburn also ended up on 3.5 points winning his last three matches and placing him sixth in the tournament.
Tom Stamper also ended up on 3.5 points with a win over Don Sheward. Paul Sweatman turned in another solid performance over the whole tournament finishing on 2.5 points.

Stan Whitmore finished the tournament with a good win - securing 2.5 points.

Pete Smith finished the tournament on 3 points - only loosing two matches.

It was pleasing to see the newcomers take part and do well. David Adams finishing on 1.5 points. A chap called Nick Weaver (not sure where he has come from!) finishing on 2.5 points. Tom Stamper who I have already mentioned. Jordan Matthews battled away against the odds and wasnt quite lucky enough to win but his time will come.

I hope all players enjoyed playing in the Cup and Thank you to every single player that took part and all the support received it has helped make the Tournament the success it seems to have been with 28 players taking part. This must be a record year for the Tournament

The presentation of the Cups will take place at the AGM

That does now bring the Season to a close, although we have the AGM next week - 26th May, and all members are welcome to join us. Initial Agenda points will cover :-

Appointment of Chairman
Appointment of Secretary
Appointment of Treasurer
Digital Clocks
Summer Cup presentation
Chairmans Report
Secretary's report
Treasurer's report
Appointment of Captains

Of course, if any member wishes to add any point to the Agenda do let me know and I will make sure it goes onto the Agenda.

The club will still be open for friendly games every Tuesday right through the summer

If you are not coming to the AGM - Have a great summer and see you all in September for the new season.

Match Results from 19th May

B.Charnley 0 1 J.Pink
D.Ireland 1 0 Bava
M.Donnelly 1 0 E.Goodwin
R.Holmes .5 .5 P.Smith
B.Graff 1 0 W.Beeston
C.Blackburn 1 0 R.Sian
T.Stamper 1 0 D.Sheward
N.Weaver .5 .5 P.Sweatman
S.Whitmore 1 0 D.Adams
G.Cornell 1 0 J.Matthews
M.Johnson 1 0 I.Evans


J.Pink           5    - Tournament Winner
D.Ireland     5     - Runner Up
M.Donnelly  4.5
B.Charnley   4.5
Bava             4
C.Blackburn 3.5
T.Stamper    3.5
M.Johnson   3.5
B.Graff        3.5
R.Parekh      3
E.Goodwin  3
P.Smith        3
R.Holmes    3
N.Weaver      2.5
S.Whitmore  2.5 
P.Sweatman 2.5
W.Beeston   2
D.Filer         2
S.Weaver     2
D.Sheward   2
I.Evans         2
R.Sian           2
G.Cornell     2
D.Adams      1.5
T.White        1
J.Matthews   0
T.Gazee        0

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Summer Cup - Round 5

Round 5 of the Summer Cup was held last night - 12th May - With now only 1 more round left there are still a number of players who can win the Tournament.

Bernard Charnley again won and is now the tournament leader closely followed by Joshua Pink. Dave Ireland, and Bava.

The final round next week is going to be a very tense evening with any of the above players able to win the Tournament.

There were also good wins for Pete Smith, Clive Blackburn, and Bob Holmes.

The AGM will be held on the 26th May. 7.45pm - 8pm start. All members welcome. This is your chance to have a say on the running of the Club. The committee look forward to seeing as many members as possible.

Results from 12/5/15

M.Donnelly 0 1 J.Pink
B.Charnley  1 0 E.Goodwin
D.Ireland     1 0 B.Graff
Bava            1 0 W.Beeston
P.Smith        1 0 A.Franklin
D.Sheward   0 1 C.Blackburn
R.Holmes    1 0 P.Sweatman
I.Evans       .5 .5 R.Sian
S.Whitmore 0 1 T.Stamper
N.Weaver    1 0 J.Matthews
G.Cornell    1 0 D.Adams

Points after 5 Rounds

B.Charnley   4.5
D.Ireland      4
J.Pink           4
Bava             4
M.Donnelly  3.5
R.Parekh      3
E.Goodwin  3
C.Blackburn 2.5
P.Smith         2.5
R.Holmes     2.5
T.Stamper    2.5
M.Johnson   2.5
B.Graff        2.5
W.Beeston   2
D.Filer         2
S.Weaver     2
D.Sheward   2
P.Sweatman 2
I.Evans         2

R.Sian           2
N.Weaver      2
S.Whitmore  1.5
D.Adams      1.5
T.White        1
G.Cornell     1
J.Matthews   0
T.Gazee        0

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Summer Cup - Round 4 Results

Round 4 of the summer cup was held last night with the two players on 3 points playing each other - Mike Donnelly and Bernard Charnley. The match ended in a close fought draw. Mike Johnson earned a very creditable half point against Joshua Pink. The general feeling from other players was that Mike was in a stronger position, however being short of time forced Mike to take a draw.

Dave Ireland bounced back, with a win, after last weeks defeat to put himself back up with the front runners. Ed Goodwin is also putting in a strong show after winning last night and retaining his unbeaten run. Bava also won last night to join several players now on 3 points just behind Mike Donnelly and Bernard Charnley.

Don Sheward is also having a good Summer Cup. He won last night and is now on 2 points.

David Adams secured a half point against Pete Smith. Clive Blackburn won his first match of the tournament and is moving up the table.

Full results from last night

M.Donnelly .5 .5 B.Charnley
J.Pink          .5 .5 M.Johnson
D.Ireland     1 0  W.Beeston
E.Goodwin  1 0  D.Filer
T.Stamper   0  1 Bava
R.Holmes   0  1 B.Graff
P.Sweatman 1 0 I.Evans
N.Weaver    0 1 D.Sheward
S.Whitmore .5 .5 R.Sian
P.Smith        .5 .5 D.Adams
C.Blackburn 1 0 G.Cornell
J.Matthews   0 1 S.Weaver

Points after 4 rounds

M.Donnelly  3.5
B.Charnley   3.5
Bava             3
R.Parekh      3
D.Ireland     3
J.Pink          3
E.Goodwin 3
M.Johnson  2.5
B.Graff       2.5
W.Beeston  2
D.Filer        2
S.Weaver    2
D.Sheward  2
R.Holmes    1.5
T.Stamper   1.5
P.Sweatman 2
P.Smith         1.5
I.Evans         1.5
C.Blackburn 1.5
S.Whitmore  1.5
D.Adams      1.5
R.Sian          1.5
N.Weaver     1
T.White        1
T.Gazee        0
G.Cornell     0
J.Matthews   0
Round 5 is to be held next week Tuesday 12th May 7.30pm start. There is still time to add another two points to your score!
On another note away from the Summer Cup we hope to be able to announce the date of the club AGM and the League AGM  in the next few days. All club members are welcome to the AGM and have a say in how the club is run.