Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Summer Cup - Round 4 Results

Round 4 of the summer cup was held last night with the two players on 3 points playing each other - Mike Donnelly and Bernard Charnley. The match ended in a close fought draw. Mike Johnson earned a very creditable half point against Joshua Pink. The general feeling from other players was that Mike was in a stronger position, however being short of time forced Mike to take a draw.

Dave Ireland bounced back, with a win, after last weeks defeat to put himself back up with the front runners. Ed Goodwin is also putting in a strong show after winning last night and retaining his unbeaten run. Bava also won last night to join several players now on 3 points just behind Mike Donnelly and Bernard Charnley.

Don Sheward is also having a good Summer Cup. He won last night and is now on 2 points.

David Adams secured a half point against Pete Smith. Clive Blackburn won his first match of the tournament and is moving up the table.

Full results from last night

M.Donnelly .5 .5 B.Charnley
J.Pink          .5 .5 M.Johnson
D.Ireland     1 0  W.Beeston
E.Goodwin  1 0  D.Filer
T.Stamper   0  1 Bava
R.Holmes   0  1 B.Graff
P.Sweatman 1 0 I.Evans
N.Weaver    0 1 D.Sheward
S.Whitmore .5 .5 R.Sian
P.Smith        .5 .5 D.Adams
C.Blackburn 1 0 G.Cornell
J.Matthews   0 1 S.Weaver

Points after 4 rounds

M.Donnelly  3.5
B.Charnley   3.5
Bava             3
R.Parekh      3
D.Ireland     3
J.Pink          3
E.Goodwin 3
M.Johnson  2.5
B.Graff       2.5
W.Beeston  2
D.Filer        2
S.Weaver    2
D.Sheward  2
R.Holmes    1.5
T.Stamper   1.5
P.Sweatman 2
P.Smith         1.5
I.Evans         1.5
C.Blackburn 1.5
S.Whitmore  1.5
D.Adams      1.5
R.Sian          1.5
N.Weaver     1
T.White        1
T.Gazee        0
G.Cornell     0
J.Matthews   0
Round 5 is to be held next week Tuesday 12th May 7.30pm start. There is still time to add another two points to your score!
On another note away from the Summer Cup we hope to be able to announce the date of the club AGM and the League AGM  in the next few days. All club members are welcome to the AGM and have a say in how the club is run.  


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