Wednesday, 29 July 2015

British Chess Championships and Notes from League AGM

Check out the latest game from the British Chess Championships.

FM C Storey v GM D Howell

At the League AGM a proposal was put forward to stop issuing any more trophies to Winners or Runners up in the League or KO Cup due to lack of interest in holding the cups or trophies. Mike Johnson has asked for any feedback on this proposal.

It was confirmed that Kenilworth will be entering a team into the First Division next season.  Chelmsley Wood it seems will continue to play in the third division despite defaulting their last 3 matches of the season.

Whilst University continue to cause issues it was felt that excluding them from the Divisional Cup and KO Cup had reduced the number of defaults quite dramatically.

Dave Filer announced that the ECF have increased the Bronze, Silver and Gold memberships. I have copied the new rates below from the ECF Website.

Membership categories 1 year
(expires 31 August 2016)
3 years
(expires 31 August 2018)
Bronze Adult £15.00 £45.00

Junior £11.00 £33.00
Silver Adult £22.00 £66.00

Junior £16.00 £48.00
Gold Adult £32.00 £96.00

Junior £26.00 £78.00
Platinum Adult £60.00 £180.00

Junior £60.00 £180.00

Saturday, 25 July 2015

New Grades & British Chess Championships

The new grades for July have just been issued by the ECF

To check your grade go here

Also, the British Chess Championships have started today and there a quite a few Coventry players taking part. So if you fancy supporting any of them the venue is at Warwick University.

There will also be a number of GM's, and IM's attending various tournaments - so there should be some great chess to follow.

More details here

Thursday, 16 July 2015

League AGM

The league AGM will be held on the 28th  July 2015 at Massey Ferguson. 7.30-8.00pm start.

All club members are welcome to attend.

If you wish to add anything to the Agenda let Mike Johnson know.

Friendly matches will continue as normal for those who just wish to play chess.