Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Summer Cup - Round 3

We are now already half-way through the Summer Cup and a clear leader in the Tournament has emerged - Dave Ireland. Although he is closely followed by Ed Goodwin,Mike Donnelly, Bava and Dave Filer on 2.5 points.

Last night produced some very close matches.Particular Ed Goodwin against Mike Donnelly. This match went down to the last few seconds on both players clocks before they agreed a draw, in a very difficult end game for both players.

Bava also won again with less then 30 seconds left on his clock against Howard Jones. Stan Whitmore continued his excellent run against higher graded players by obtaining a draw against Nigel Morris.

The challenge for the Gordon Cornell trophy is led by three players Stan Whitmore,Pete Smith and John Conway - all on 1.5 points.

There is still all to play for as we enter the second half of the Tournament

Here is a list of all the results from the 9th May

D.Ireland     1  0     J.Harris
E.Goodwin .5 .5 M.J. Donnelly
Bava            1 0  H.Jones
D.Filer         1 0  R.Watson
N.Morris     .5 .5 S.Whitmore
P.Smith       .5 .5 J.Conway
W.Beeston  .5 .5 C.Blackburn
P.Sweatman .5 .5 J.Loughnane
G.Cornell     0  1  D.Adams
T.White        .5 .5 A.Franklin
S.Weaver     1   0 I.Evans

D. Ireland    3
E.Goodwin  2.5
M.Donnelly 2.5
Bava          2.5
D.Filer        2.5
H.Jones     1.5
J.Harris       2
S.Whitmore  1.5
N.Morris       1.5 
P.Smith        1.5
J.Conway    1.5
C.Blackburn 1 
R.Watson     1
M..Houldershaw 1
M.Johnson    1
J.Loughnane 1
P.Sweatman  1
D.Adams      1
W.Beeston    1
A.Franklin      .5
T.White         .5
G.Cornell     .5
I.Evans         0
N.Critchley  0
W.Ingram     0
S.Weaver    2

As usual the next round is next Tuesday :- Round 4 Tuesday 16th May 7.30pm (We may have to wait for Zumba to finish again - depending on the progress of the Building work) 

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