Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Summer Cup - Round 5

Round 5 produced some more exciting games especially Dave Ireland against Ed Goodwin. The game ended as a draw however Ed only had 2 seconds left on his clock ! (Dave had just over a minute) This is where a digital clock really does come into its own as everyone could clearly see exactly how long each player had left. Ed played well especially as he had the black pieces.

Mike Donnelly and Bava also had a very close game, Mike informed me he sacrificed a piece but just couldnt quite break down Bava's defences and so they both agreed a draw.
Stan Whitmore continued his excellent form and yet again despite being outgraded, he got a draw against Dave Filer

Paul Sweatman continues to have a good Tournament and despite Pete Smith having two pawns on the seventh rank Paul managed to fight back and force a draw. Paul has only lost to Dave Ireland so far in the Tournament.

Clive Blackburn is also having a good run, his only loss was in the first round to Mike Donnelly and he won last night against Gordon Cornell.
Mike Johnson has not yet lost a match (although he did miss one week due to holidays) and won his game last night.
David Adams and Ian Evans played a very good game, coming down to a difficult end game but finally agreeing a draw.

What does all of last night's results mean for the trophy's ?

Clearly, Dave Ireland is in pole position to win the Summer Cup however if he looses next week to Mike Donnelly then he could let in Ed Goodwin or of course Mike Donnelly.

Runners up spot is even less clear  with at least 6 other players in with a chance of finishing second

The Gordon Cornell trophy is also wide open with Stan Whitmore and John Conway on 3 points both leading at the moment. However there are a number of players on 2.5 points - Clive Blackburn, Pete Smith, Paul Sweatman who are all still in real contention - All depends on next weeks results.

I thought it was interesting that the first game to finish was well past 9pm, showing that all players were fairly evenly matched. I think this shows how a Swiss Tournament should work - that eventually all players end up playing other players of roughly equal playing strength and gives everyone a fair chance to play an opponent of equal strength.

 So, final round next week and then we have our AGM the following week where we hope as many club members will join us in the election of new officers. Hopefully everyone has received a letter from Dave Filer regarding the AGM, if not let me know and I can let you have a copy (I have uploaded a copy in the Facebook group for those members on Facebook)

Match results from Round 5 (23rd May)

D.Ireland  .5 .5 E.Goodwin
M.Donnelly .5 .5 Bava
S.Whitmore .5 .5 D.Filer
N.Morris 1 0 J.Harris
P.Smith .5 .5 P.Sweatman
J.Loughnane 1 0 T.White
H.Jones 1 0 W.Beeston
C.Blackburn 1 0 G.Cornell
M.Johnson 1 0 R.Watson
D.Adams .5 .5 I.Evans
J.Conway 1 0 A.Franklin

Total Scores after 5 rounds.
D. Ireland    4.5
E.Goodwin   4
M.Donnelly  4
Bava           3
D.Filer        3 
J.Harris       2
S.Whitmore  3
N.Morris       3 
P.Smith          2.5
J.Conway       3
C.Blackburn    2.5 
R.Watson        1.5
M..Houldershaw 1
M.Johnson    2.5
J.Loughnane  2
P.Sweatman  2.5
D.Adams      1.5
W.Beeston    1
A.Franklin      .5
T.White         .5
G.Cornell     1.5
I.Evans         1.5
N.Critchley   0
W.Ingram     0
S.Weaver    2

Picture from last night :

Final Round Tuesday 31st May 7.30pm

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