Wednesday, 15 April 2015

K.O Cup and Plate Final

The KO Cup and Plate Final were held last night at Massey Ferguson.

The KO Cup Final was between Rugby A and Newdigate.

Rugby A ended up the eventual winners by 3-1 over the board (3-2.25 with the handicap)

In the Plate Final between Coventry C and Nuneaton D. Nuneaton D won 3-1. Coventry C managed to secure a draw on Boards 1 and 3 but unfortunately loosing on Boards 2 and 4 therefore Nuneaton winning 3-1. The full result below.

Coventry  C        Nuneaton D
S.Manickam .5 .5 M.Maher
H.Jones 0 1  J.Rayner
S.Weaver .5 .5 P.McConnell
I.Evans 0 1 S.Dilley
              1  3
Next week (April 21st) the Summer Cup resumes - Round 2 - and will now run straight through until the final round.
There is still all to play for and I will be checking your iphone and the toilets!

Have a look here ....

A Chess Cheat 

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