Wednesday, 25 June 2014


The AGM was held yesterday evening and there was an excellent turnout with over 18 members.

Topics Discussed included the following :-

Apologies, Ed Goodwin & Mike Johnson

All officers were re-elected unopposed as follows :-

Dave Filer - Chairman
Mike Johnson - Secretary
Simon Weaver - Treasurer

Chairmans report - Dave gave a summary of how teams had fared over last season. The highlight being the D team winning Division 2 and the KO Cup. Dave Thanked all the Captains for their help over the season.

Treasurer's report - Simon presented the accounts and went through all income and expenditure items. The club's finances are still healthy and will enable us to continue to purchase new equipment when needed. Also it was hoped to keep the annual subscriptions the same for the next season.

Other matters raised:

Tom was concerned about not being picked next season for a game due to having a poor run of results. However he was assured by the committee that we will continue with the policy of giving everyone a game of league chess if they want. Even if this means we form another team to accommodate everyone.

Simon proposed that we continue to roll out the upgrading of our clocks by purchasing 4 more digital clocks for the C team. Another discussion followed about the pro's and cons of digital clocks versus analogue clocks. A vote was eventually taken and 15 voted for new digital clocks with 2 against.

Ben Graff requested that full address's plus postcodes to be put on fixture cards and club websites to make it easier to find away venues.

A team formation meeting is to be held mid September to finalise the teams for the new season.

Captains. John Harris has agreed to be a Captain next year. Joshua Pink is standing down.

Venue - Dave reminded all members that no food or drink can be brought into Massey Ferguson. The same applies to Away venues as well especially Nuneaton.

Mark Page also requested that we look at updating the boards as some of the older ones are in a poor state.

A request was made that we have a club night. However this would increase the annual subs if we had to pay for the hire of the room for another evening.

Simon thought that the new League Website and inputting of games had worked really well and gave players far more up to date information on teams positions in the League.

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