Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Summer Cup Results and Final Table

Well, The Summer Cup came to a conclusion last night. It was all very tense throughout the night as there were 5 or 6 players who could have secured first or second place. 

The final result was Dave Ireland getting a draw with Ed Goodwin which ensured he was the winner with 5 points. Rajen drew with Bob Holmes giving him 4.5 points along with Ben Graff.

On countback of their opponents points Rajan is the Runner Up with Ben in Third place. This was Ben's first Summer Cup so a great result for him narrowly missing out on a trophy.
Congratulations to Dave and Rajan.

Round Up
Ed Goodwin went through the whole tournament unbeaten having played most of the top players. Bob Holmes also went through the whole tournament unbeaten securing 5 draws along the way. Some one who will remain nameless, has suggested he changes his name to Bob "The draw" Holmes! Dave Filer also had an excellent tournament only loosing to Dave Ireland and ending up on 4 points. Pete Smith turned in a solid performance on 3 points.

Clive Blackburn, Stan Whitmore and Ian Evans all had a good tournament and were challenging the leaders thoroughout. They all ended up on 3.5 points.

Sachin Vats a new player to the Club earned 3 points consisting of 2 wins and 2 draws. He clearly will be an asset next season in the League.
Simon Curry another new player also got 2 points having only played in the final three rounds. So will be one to watch as well.

Paul Sweatman ended up with 2.5 points, a good result as he lost his first two games, but came back strongly in the latter stages of the tournament. John Harris also got 2.5 points but with one or two of his games he could have won having got into good positions.

I would just like to Thank all players who took part this year and have helped make it a really good competitive end of Season Tournament along with some very close games.
I intend to do the presentation of the Cups at the AGM on the 24th June. 

The club will be open as normal during the summer for friendlies, so feel free to call in for a quick game over the summer. All members and non members are welcome.

WINNER             D.Ireland    5
RUNNER UP     R.Parekh   4.5
B.Graff                 4.5
D.Filer                  4
E.Goodwin           4
S.Whitmore         3.5
R.Holmes            3.5
C.Blackburn       3.5
I.Evans                3
P.Smith               3
S.Vats                3.0
J.Harris             2.5
R.B.Manickam 2.5
D.Sheward      2
P.Sweatman    2.5
T.Beesley        2.5
S.Curry           2
R.Sian            1
T.Gazee         1
G.Cornell      2 
T.White          0

Round 6 Results

D.Ireland .5 .5 E.Goodwin
R.Parekh .5 .5 R.Holmes
B.Graff     1  0 P.Smith
D.Filer       1 0 J.Harris
C.Blackburn 1 0 R.B.Manickam
P.Sweatman 0 1 S.Whitmore
I.Evans          .5 .5 S.Vats
D.Sheward  0 1 G.Cornell
T.White         0  1 T.Beesley
S.Curry        1 0 R.Sian

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