Saturday, 13 September 2014

Team Formation For 2014/15 Season

This note is to update you with respect to our teams for the forthcoming season.

In summary we are better off in div 1 but less so in div 3.

In division 1 we additionally have Ben Graff and Wesley Beeston. Rajen is playing.

Thus the A team is as last season with the B team consisting of Josh, Ben , Bob, John Harris (captain)and John McCann.

As last season Wes can play for D team when available and we can do musical chairs when someone is not available.
There will, of course, be blank weeks for each and every team but there will be more than enough chess for everyone..

Otherwise we keep the C and D team as they have been for  a number of years and there seems to be no desire to split them up.

Lower down we have lost Gerald Reason, Daniel Rowlands, Trevor Beesley and Tim Sheasby and we don't seem to have any newcomers.

Thus , we will almost certainly have to drop the G team. Under normal circumstances the E team will be 2 out of Jim Dixon, Dave Filer and myself with Trevor Gazee and Tom White.

The F team will be one from Jim, Dave and myself with the rest of the F team as before.

It seems odd that most of last years E team is playing in div 3 but as I said earlier we do not want wholesale changes to C and D.
It may even be that John McCann or other C and D players have to play in div 3 when a div 3 team is short.
You will need to monitor emails each week to check for team updates.  Between now and the start of the season things could change.


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