Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Fixture Cards

I have just received the new fixture cards from Oliver Cosham.

The first match of the new season is on Tuesday 30th September. This is a Divisional Cup match.

First Fixtures are as follows: -

Coventry D v Coventry A

Coventry C v Nuneaton C

Nuneaton D v Coventry F

Nuneaton E v Coventry G

Chelmsley Wood v Coventry E

Key points to note for the new Season are that the KO Cup and Plate competitions are treated as separate competitions.

If you play on Board 1 for more then four games you are tied to that team. Except you can still play in a higher division. However the movement of players between teams still remains very lenient. You still have to play in grading order. (10 point leeway)

It is intended to have a Captains/team formation meeting on the 16th September. 7.30-8.00pm. Could all Captains please try and attend.

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