Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Summer Cup - Round 5 Results

Round up of matches for the 5th Round :-

Andy Ward won against Dave Ireland in a very tight end game - Andy is becoming a bit of an end game specialist - winning many of his games through the end game - maybe time for us all to try and learn a bit more about the end game?

Dave Filer eventually lost to Dragomir after a long hard battle - Dragomir is now on 4 points and in second place for the competition.

Bava won against Ed Goodwin - a good win for Bava. Clive Blackburn ended Paul Sweatman's good run in the competition.

So next week will be the decider between Andy Ward and Dragomir - nice to see two relatively new club members do well in the competition.
Howard Jones is well positioned to win the Gordon Cornell U120 trophy being on 3 points and not yet having lost a game. He is closely followed by Clive Blackburn, David Adams all on 3 points all Pete Smith and Paul Sweatman on 2.5 all who have a chance of winning - should be exciting next week!

The final round will be held next week 10th May. 7.30pm


D.Ireland 0  1 A.Ward
D.Filer    0  1 Dragomir
H.Jones .5 .5 R.Holmes
E.Goodwin 0 1 Bava
P.Sweatman 0 1 C.Blackburn
W.Beeston .5 .5 P.Smith
G.Cornell 1 0 T.White
J.Conway 0 1 A.Franklin
J.Loughnane .5 .5 I.Evans
N.Weaver 0 1 T.Gazee

 Overall Scores:
A.Ward       4.5
Dragomir    4
D.Ireland     3.5
Bava            3.5
D.Filer        3
Bob Holmes 3
H.Jones       3 U120
C.Blackburn 3 U120
D.Adams     3  U120
P.Sweatman 2.5 U120
Ed Goodwin 2.5
P.Smith       2.5 U120
S.Whitmore 2 U120
S.Weaver     2 U120
W.Beeston   2 U120
M.Johnson  1.5
G.Cornell    2   U120
T.White       1    U120
I.Evans        1.5    U120
A.Franklin   2  U120
J.Loughnane  1.5 U120
T.Gazee       0   U120
N.Weaver     0 UI20

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