Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Coventry Chess Club AGM 2012

The AGM for Coventry Chess Club was held on the 29th May 2012 with well over 15 members attending

Brief Overview

The Chairman,Secretary and Treasurer all gave their reports for the year.

Dave Filer as Chairman thanked everyone for their support over the season. With thanks going to the Captains for running the teams.

The change in the funding for chess by the ECF was explained by Dave Filer and the impact it will have on Coventry Chess Club.

A motion was put forward to withdraw from the ECF which would result in Coventry Chess having to withdraw from the League and no games would be graded. This motion was heavily defeated.

Membership fees will have to increase next year as MF have imposed a room charge.

Simon Weaver gave an update on the progress of the website.

The trophies for the Summer Cup were presented to Dave Ireland and Bob Holmes

The digital clocks had not caused too many issues other than what to do when there is an illegal move.

The number of teams for next season will remain the same, unless we have a sudden influx of new players.

Finally - the club will be open over the Summer for friendlies.

Simon Weaver

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