Sunday, 13 May 2012

Summer Cup Results

The Summer Cup has already completed four rounds, with Dave Ireland, the current holder, 4/4.

Closely followed by Ed Goodwin and Bob Holmes who are on 3.5 each. Ed and Bob played each other in Round 4 and had a very tight game, finally agreeing a draw with about 10 seconds left on Ed's clock.

Other mention must go to John Harris who has just joined us and has 3/4 only loosing to Ed so far. Clive Blackburn is also playing well and has 3/4. John Loughnane who plays in the third division is also having an excellent run on 2.5 only having lost to Dave Ireland to date.

The picture above is from Round 4.

Results up to Round 4 are as follows :-

D.Ireland    4
E.Goodwin 3.5
R.Holmes   3.5
CBlackburn 3
J.Harris       3
D.Filer        2.5
J.Loughnane 2.5
H.Jones       2
Bava           2
J.McCann   2
I.Evans        2
D.Rowlands 2
G.Cornell     2
S.Cobb       2
W.Beeston  1.5
S.Whitmore 1
P.Sweatman 1
R.Sian          1
T.Gazee        1
A.Paul          1
D.Sheward   0
T.White        0
J.Price          0

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