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Blitz tournament summary : 14 / 06 / 2011

Blitz tournament summary : 14 / 06 / 2011

Hi, this is the first time i've posted something on the web ever, and it concerns the first tournament I've ever run.

Meeting at Massey's each Tuesday for chess social nights seemed ok, but I wanted to vary the format a bit, add a little bit of competitive enjoyment, and encourage more interaction among the members.

For a start, I didn't even know the names of some of the members playing in the 2nd and 3rd divisions, and they probably didn't know mine.

Most Tuesdays, various players seemed to be playing the same opponents again and again, with seemingly liitle variety, so I thought i'd arrange a 5 min tournament, which ran on 14th June.

It proved enjoyable for most; out of the ten players that entered, eight completed all rounds. There were a couple of withdrawals midway through though; Clive seemed to struggle with the format, but I think 5 minute chess can be unsettling for those not used to it. Mike Johnson also had to leave early, albeit still in realistic contention. Wesley enjoyed a good tournament, finishing second, with the ever solid Howard Jones and club newcomer Bava finishing joint third.

Another new player, John Loughnane, accrued 10 points, with Paul Sweatman managing a solid 9 points. Two players new to 5 minute chess were Perry and another newcomer Dave Howlin. Perry enjoyed the quick pace and got 6 points, whilst Dave finished on 4 + 1/2. Although finishing nearer the foot of the table, Dave was one of two players to gain a win against me, the other being Wesley.
So the format was all play all twice, once with either colour, making a total of 18 games.
The full results were :

Dave Ireland 15 + 1/2 ;
Wesley Beesley 12 ;
Bava S 11 + 1/2 ;
Howard Jones 11 + 1/2 ;
John Loughnane 10 ;
Paul Sweatman 9 ;
Perry Blunden 6 ;
Dave Howlin 4 + 1/2 ;
Clive Osman / Mike Johnson did not complete all scheduled games.

Dave Ireland

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