Wednesday, 17 April 2013

KO Cup Final and Summer Cup

The arrangements for the KO Cup and Plate Final have now been confirmed.

They are as follows:

Venue: Massey Fergusons. Start time 7.30pm

The venue will be considered a "Neutral Venue" Therefore colours will need to be drawn.


Coventry Chess Club A v Nuneaton B


Coventry Chess G v Nuneaton C       (Coventry Chess receive 1.25 advantage)

There will of course still be friendlies and all members are welcome to support the two Coventry teams we have in the Final.


The Summer Cup will start on the 30th April First Round. We have over 20 entrants so far. I think I have spoken to everyone if they wish to take part, but if I have not spoken to you and you wish to take part do let me know.
Finally, Will anyone beat Dave Ireland this year and stop him getting his hands on the trophy yet again!

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