Thursday, 2 February 2017

Nuneaton Venue

Colin Green has asked us to remind all players that they should not bring their own food and drinks into their Venue at Nuneaton. They had an incident last Tuesday 31st January, where drinks were brought into the venue. This could have resulted in them loosing their venue as the policy of " NO own food or drink to be used in the club" is strictly enforced.

I would widen the request to include all venues that we play - most venues that we use, either provide facilities free of charge or a nominal amount of money for the evening and in return expect players to purchase their drinks from the Bar.

I know the majority of Coventry players respect this rule and as such has not been an issue at Coventry. However if you do notice an away player using their own drinks please politely remind them of  the House rules - Thank You!

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