Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Summer Cup Round 3 Results

Tuesday 9th April

Third round of the Summer Cup

Dave Ireland is now the only player with 3/3 after 3 rounds of the Summer Cup. Dave beat the only other player on 2 points,Warrick Scaiffe. There were wins for Kaan,Dave Filer, Roy Watson, Mike Johnson, Dave Riley, Siti Anwar, John Conway, Nicola Carrouche,Paul Sweatman, Nigle Morris, our resident Arbiter - Hok, David Adams, and Trevor Gazee.

There were some very tight games:-
Kaan won a very close game with James Harrison which went right down to a few seconds on each players clock. The game could have gone either way and as is easily done when there are only a few seconds left mistakes occur and Kaan was fortunate enough to benefit from a mistake by James.

Sam Cotterill and Bava agreed a draw again with only a few seconds left on Bava'a clock. Stan Whitmore continued his steady progress clocking up another draw.

As a side note we were also treated to a visit by Chris Baker, who was in the area on a personal matter. He was there purely in an observational capacity, some of the older members may remember Chris from a good few years ago when he played schools chess. Chris is originally from Coventry, attended King Henry V111 school, and since leaving the area has gone on to become an IM.


D.Ireland 1 0 W.Scaiffe
D.Riley 1 0 Margarita
Kaan 1 0 J.Harrison
S.Cotterill .5 .5 Bava 
M.Johnson 1 0 A.Paul
D.Filer 1 0 A.Evans
Margarita 0 1 D.Riley
C.Pegler  0 1 Hok
J.Loughnane .5 .5. S.Whitmore
W.Beeston 0 1 R.Watson
N.Morris    1 0 C.Badley
P.Smith 0 1 S.Anwar
P.Sweatman 1 0 B.Evans
S.Simpson 0 1 J.Conway
A.Franklin 0 1 T.Gazee
N.Carrouche 1 0 Lana 
T.White 0 1 D.Adams

Scores After Round 3
D.Ireland 3
B.Charnley 1.5
E.Goodwin  2
S.Cotterill   2
 J.Loughnane 1.5
D.Adams 1
S.Anwar 2
C.Badley .5
J.Harrison  1.5
B.Evans .5
Bava         2
Hok            1
D.Filer        2.5
C.Pegler     0
M.Johnson 2.5
A.Franklin  0
W.Beeston 1.5
 L.Nasibova .5
D.Riley       2
 Seb            0
N.Morris   1.5
 J.March   .5
R.Watson  2.5
 A.Paul      1.5
J.Conway  2
Margarita  1.5
Kaan         2.5
P.Sweatman 1.5
S.Whitmore 1.5
 A.Evans     1.5
P.Smith       .5
 S.Simpson 1
N.Carrouche  1.5

Next Round - Third Round Tuesday April 16th  7.30pm 

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