Thursday, 27 June 2019

Chess 960 Chaos

Chess 960 Chaos

The Annual (well it’s been held twice) Chess 960 , Doubles, Rapidplay took place at Coventry Chess Club on 25th June.

Teams of 2 were selected by a draw with higher rated players being paired with lower graded.

After an attempt to explain the castling rules by Ed play started with each team having 10 minutes on the clock and a no consultation rule being applied. 

The starting set up of the bank rank set having been drawn from a selection of over 20 possibilities.

No Queen’s Gambits or Sicilian Dragons, but castling on move 1 allowed.

Final results – after 5 rounds:-

1= Gagandeep/Dave Ireland, Josh/Dave Filer 4½

3-4th Margareet/Paul W, Wesley/John Conway 2

5-6th Simon Weaver/Paul Sweatman Sam Cotterill/Patrick

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