Monday, 29 June 2020

Oliver Cosham

I know some of you knew Oliver and played him on many occasions. Please find below the sad news I have just received from Colin Green about Oliver's passing.

Sorry to have to share the news that Oliver Cosham died in Draycote
Court Residential home, Nuneaton on Wednesday 24th June.  He was 82. 
His death was unrelated to Covid 19 and was not unexpected.
I first played chess with Oliver in the 1973-4 season after returning to
chess following a four year gap for educational reasons.  We played in
the same team for many years.
Oliver was an active member of Nuneaton Chess Club and later served the
Coventry League as Records Secretary for about twenty years.  He was
still playing competitive chess for Nuneaton until March 2018.
When I first knew him he was Deputy Head at Nicholas Chamberlaine school
and he finished his career as Principal of a sixth form college in
Oliver never really recovered from the death of his wife Diana in 2017. 
He lived at home for a while but eventually went into care.
His son Andrew advises me that due to present restrictions his funeral
is likely to be limited to twelve and be a simple and short ceremony.
He also suggests that any donations be sent to the Mary Ann Evans Hospice.

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