Thursday, 14 July 2011

Pairs tournament / 12th July

Another pairs tournament was run on Tuesday, 12th July, which featured 5 pairings. It was the same format as an earlier competition which took place 2 weeks prior to this ( see blog re : 28th June ). Different pairings were used this time, but the idea was again to balance up the chances of each pairing if possible. Everyone enjoyed it, and some games had wild fluctuations, in particular, the ones involving me and Paul. I didn't think we were going to get a point going into our final match because we'd lost all our games up till then, but we did manage to win our very last game. Here are the results :

Howard Jones and Paul Sweatman 6,
John Loughnane and Wesley Beesley 6,
Simon Weaver and Yves Andre 4,
Bava S and Dave Howlin 3,
Dave Ireland and Paul Williams 1,

Congratulations to the top two pairings who shared the prize money, and it was good to see yet another club newcomer, Yves Andre, competing and doing well.

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