Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Quick Play Chess on 19th July

A ten minute per game tournament was held on the 19th July with 16 entrants. There was a big turnout at the club which was encouraging, with 20-25 people there. It was nice to see Maric, Michael and Lucas back, as well as the other juniors, Simon and Jacob, along with their mum, Henrietta. Yves, who has recently joined, also played. Additinally, another club newcomer, Carl Stephens, did well, finishing in a four way tie for second place.
Here are the full results after six completed rounds:

Dave Ireland 5+1/2, Howard Jones 3,
Dave Filer 4, Dave Howlin 3,
Carl Stephens 4, Jacob Junior 3,
Paul Sweatman 4, Perry Blunden 2,
Wesley Beesley 4, Yves Andre 2
Maric 3+1/2, John loughnane 1+1/2,
Simon Weaver 3, Martin 1+1/2,
Lucas 3, Simon Junior 1

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