Monday, 1 August 2011

5 minute chess on 26th July

Hi. Another good turnout at the Massey Ferguson club on Tuesday 26th July saw 13 of the regulars play an all play all 5 minute tournament. The entrants included the junior brothers, Simon and Jacob; two more juniors, also brothers, Martin and Lucas, their dad Maric, Paul Williams, club newcomer Carl Stephens, Howard, Bava, Wesley, Dave Howlin, Dave Filer and myself, Dave Ireland.
It turned out to be a close run finish, with less than 2 points separating myself, Bava and Wesley.
The top scoring junior was Martin, who finished on 6 points, and our new player, Carl, had a fair tournament and looks like he should do well in his debut season for the club. Paul was unlucky in some of his games, losing a few on time rather than on the board. Playing blitz chess can take a bit of getting used to, although the internet does provide the chance to do just that, with many chess servers and websites now in operation.

The top 3 scorers ( out of a possible 12 points ), were :

Dave Ireland 11,
Wesley Beeson 10+1/2,
Bava 9+1/2.

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