Thursday, 18 August 2011

New Season

Well at last! The new 2011/12 season officially starts on Tuesday August 30th.

I will be collecting membership fees on that evening, so if all players could attend even if you do not wish to stay for the whole evening.

Although you could always take part in one of Dave Ireland's mini-tournaments! which have proved to be very popular!

Membership Fees are as follows:

Adult       £18.00
Under 18 £16.00

Massey Ferguson Social club member £8.00  (Due in January)
Concession .50p for over 65

1. New website is now starting to take shape so please have a look around.

STAY IN TOUCH! I have also put on a facility whereby you can receive any update to this website. On the top right hand corner of the site you will see "follow by email" just enter your email address in that box and every time there is an update you will receive an email with the new information.

2. New Grades have been received and have been posted under Tables& Grades

3. New Digital Clocks have been received and will be trialled for the first season by the A team.

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