Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Summer Cup Round 2 Results - Coventry Chess

Round 2 of Coventry Chess Summer cup was played on the 7th and there were some excellent games.

Daniel Rowlands managed to take Dave Ireland down to a pawn ending. When most players would have settled for a draw, as expected Dave managed to find the win, a lesson in how to win pawn endings.

Rajan Parekh, fresh from his draw against a grade 175 at the 4 NCL, managed a closely fought draw with Wesley Beeston.

The Summer Cup yet again threw up a surprise result with Ravi Sian winning against Dave Filer.

Congratulations must go to Sean Doherty on winning his match. Sean has only just started playing OTB chess, so a very good result for him.

Some pics from last night's action:

Next Round is Tuesday 14th May. Full Results as follows:

 D.Ireland 1 0 D.Rowlands
 J.Pink 1 0 S.Weaver
 R.Holmes 1 0 S.Whitmore
 D.Filer 0 1 R.Sian
 W.Beeston 0.5 0.5 R.Parekh
 P.Smith 0 1 Bava
 J.Harris 1 0 H.Jones
 I.Evans 1 0 T.Beesley
 C.Blackburn 1 0 T.Gazee
 G.Cornell 0 1 P.Sweatman
G.Reason 0 1 D.Sheward
 T.White 0 1 S.Doherty
 T.Sheasby 1 0 C.Dobson

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