Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Summer Cup Round 4 Results

The Fourth round of the Summer Cup was held on Tuesday 21st May

The Match with the only two players on three points was between Dave Ireland and Joshua Pink (who has just joined us this season) J.Pink was playing with the white pieces and he eventually managed to gain a pawn in the end game and won a very close fought match. This is the first time time Dave Ireland has lost a game in the Summer cup for a long time. Could we soon have a new name on the cup ?

R. Holmes continued his run of excellent results and is now in second place on 3.5 points

Sean Doherty also continued his run of excellent results winning his match against John Faill. This is Sean's first tournament and has only just joined Coventry Chess Club.

Daniel Rowlands drew with P.Smith another player who is very quickly improving. Daniel hopes to get into Warwick University - but of course he will not dare switch to playing for University or so he tells me!

Fifth Round is next Tuesday 28th May.

Full Results

D.Ireland 0 1 J.Pink
E.Goodwin .5 .5 J.Harris
J.McCann 0 1 Bava
R.Holmes 1 0 C.Blackburn
I.Evans 0 1 H.Jones
J.Faill 0 1 S.Doherty
R.Sian 0 1 D.Sheward
S.Whitmore 1 0 T.Beesley
P.Smith 0 1 D.Rowlands AMENDMENT P.Smith 0.5 0.5 D.Rowlands
P.Sweatman 1 0 G.Reason
T.Gazee 0 1 G.Cornell
T. White 0 1 S.Weaver

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