Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Summer Cup Round 6

The results of the final round of the Summer Cup produced some very good games and more close finishes, notably, Bava, winning his match with 42 seconds left on his clock. After a number of 3rd places in previous Summer Cup competitions, Bava has secured a Runners Up place with 5 points. The overall winner of the Summer Cup is Dave Ireland with 5.5 points only dropping a half point to the Runner Up. 

The trophy for the U120 Gordon Gornell trophy was won by Paul Sweatman on 4 points. Paul had an excellent, tournament, with only one loss, 3 wins and 2 draws. Margarita Sanchez came very close to winning the u120 and finished with an excellent 3 points in only her first Summer Cup appearance. 

So, Congratulations to the above players on their hard-fought achievements. The trophies will be presented at the AGM.

Other player highlights include Nigel Morris only losing one game and finishing with 4 points. Pete Smith, another player who only lost one game and that was to Dave Ireland in a very close match. Stan Whitmore had another good competition and only narrowly lost out retaining the Gordon Cornell trophy by half a point.

Roy Watson, making a guest appearance finished with 4 points and was always challenging for a top 3 finish. Another guest who performed really well was Nicola Carrouche from Rugby with 3.5 points.

That now completes the Summer Cup competition for 2018 and I would like to Thank all players for taking part and supporting the Competition.

I would also like to Thank the players from Rugby:- Chris Pegler, Nicola Carrouche, Tom Holt, and Jude Shearsby for joining the competition and of course Roy Watson from the Academy. 

I sincerely hope everyone enjoyed competing and we now look forward to next Season - only 4 months away! and those long winter nights will be back with us!

The club will be open as normal over the Summer for friendlies with the AGM on the 22nd May 7.30pm for 8pm followed by a light buffet.

Full results from Round 6:-

D.Ireland 1 0 D.Filer
E.Goodwin 0 1 R.Watson
W.Beeston 1 0 J.Conway
S.Whitmore .5 .5 N.Morris 
Bava 1 0 W. Martin 
A.Franklin 0 0 J.Shearsby
C.Pegler 0 1 G.Cornell 
N.Carrouche 1 0 J.Loughnane
M.Sanchez 0 1 P.Sweatman
I.Evans 1 0 G.Nasibov
P.Smith 1 0 D.Adams

D. Ireland       5.5 - Winner
Bava               5 - Runner Up
P.Sweatman   4 - Gordon Cornell trophy
D.Filer             4
R.Watson        4
N.Morris         4
W.Beeston      3.5
S.Whitmore    3.5
E.Goodwin     2.5 
N.Carrouche  3.5
P.Smith           3
J.Conway       2
G.Cornell         2
J.Loughnane   2.5
I.Evans            2.5
A.Franklin        2
D.Adams         2
T.White            0
S.Weaver        1.5 
J.Shearsby     1
C.Pegler         1
Margarita        3
T.Gazee         .5
Wilfrid            4
M.Johnson      - 
G. Sanchez   1

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