Thursday, 3 May 2018

Summer Cup - Round 5 Results

Round 5 produced some very interesting games, particularly Ed Goodwin v D.Filer. The game was fairly level most of the time and it would have been easy for both players to agree a draw,however both players felt they need to win the game to keep in the running for a top spot. So, this produced a very exciting end game with both players having little time left on their respective clocks. Dave Filer, eventually ran out the winner with 42 seconds left on his clock. 

There was also a very good win for John Loughnane against Wesley Beeston, John said this was the first time he had ever beaten Wes in friendlies or match play.

Dave Ireland beat W.Martin to now lead the tournament on 4.5 points and Dave does look set to win the tournament or will there be a last minute surprise!

Paul Sweatman continued his excellent run in the Tournament, securing a hard fought draw against Stan Whitmore, last years winner of the Gordon Cornell trophy. 

In the battle of the Juniors Margarita won her game against Jude Shearsby 

As we go into the last round there is all to play for with Dave Ireland in pole position and plenty of players also vying for the Runners Up spot.

The Gordon Cornell trophy looks to be between last years winner Stan Whitmore on 3 points, Paul Sweatman on 3 points, Margarita on 3 points, and Wesley Beeston 2.5 points.

Final Round is next week, normal start time 7.30pm 

Reminder for Club members - AGM is 22nd May. Same format as last year with a light buffet at the end of the meeting. 

Full results from Round 5:-

D.Ireland 1 0 W.Martin
E.Goodwin 0 1 D.Filer
W.Beeston 0 1 J.Loughnane
S.Whitmore .5 .5 P.Sweatman 
R.Watson 0 1 Bava 
A.Franklin 0 1 T.White
C.Pegler 0 1 D.Adams 
N.Morris 1 0 N.Carrouche
J.Shearsby 0 1 M.Sanchez
J.Conway 1 0 T.Gazee

D. Ireland       4.5
Bava               4
D.Filer             4
R.Watson        3
W.Beeston      2.5
S.Whitmore    3
P.Sweatman   3
E.Goodwin     2.5
N.Morris         3.5 
N.Carrouche  2.5
P.Smith           2.5
J.Conway       2
G.Cornell         1
J.Loughnane   2.5
I.Evans            1.5
A.Franklin        1
D.Adams         2
T.White            0
S.Weaver        1.5 
J.Shearsby     1
C.Pegler         1
Margarita        3
T.Gazee         .5
Wilfrid            4
M.Johnson      - 
G. Sanchez   2

Next & Final Round Tuesday May 8th 7.30pm start.

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