Saturday, 16 June 2018

Blitz Chess on Tuesday 19th June

Next Tuesday, following on from our successful evening with doubles Chess 960, Ed and the A team have come up with a very imaginative way to play 5 minute chess. 

It is called handicap chess - Here are the rules as devised by Ed :-

For the handicap blitz it will be 5 minutes each for a game.
The interesting bit is the handicaps. 
Players will fall into 4 groups based on ECF grade
Group 1 Under 70
Group 2 70 – 109
Group 3 110 – 149
Group 4 150 and over 
When 2 players in the same group both players play with a full set of pieces.
When the 2 players are one group apart the stronger player has a Knight or bishop removed
When the 2 players are 2 groups apart the stronger player has a rook removed
When the 2 players are 3 groups apart the stronger player has 2 minor pieces removed. 
So for example if Dave Ireland played Margarita Dave would have to have 2 minor pieces removed. 
When material is removed the stronger player can choose which pieces to remove e.g. Dave could choose to remove both knights or the King’s knight and the Queen’s bishop etc. 
Players will do their own pairings as long as they don’t play the same person more than once.

This promises to be another different evening with lots of "fun chess" Open to all members and guests.

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