Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Simultaneous Results

Yesterday evening we held our first simultaneous display and it was a huge success with 16 players taking part.

I would like to Thank Dave Ireland for volunteering to do the simultaneous, as the evening proved very popular and many club members said how much they enjoyed taking part.

There were some excellent games and the final result for Dave Ireland was:-

10 Wins
2 Draws
2 Losses
2 Abandoned games

Dave has said he will try and do a fuller report on all the games which I will post here when I receive the report from Dave.

Ed Goodwin 1
Paul Sweatman 0
Allan Franklin 0
Bernard Charnley .5
Georgi  0
Roy Watson 0
John Conway ret.
Gordon Cornell 0
Henrik .5
Margarita Sanchez 0
Bava 0
Mike Johnson ret.
Simon Weaver 1
Dave Adams 0
John Loughnane 0
Wesley Beeston 0

Here a few pics from last night ... courtesy of Lana Sanchez

 Is this when John asked for a cheeky draw?!

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