Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Five Minute Blitz & League AGM Date

Pictures from our five minute handicap blitz. It was fast and furious last night with 5 minutes on the clock and all play all and in some cases players starting a rook down! This produced some surprising results which added to the fun of the evening. Thanks go to Ed Goodwin for organising the evening and to Lana Sanchez Nasibova for all the pictures and acting as chief arbiter and scorer. Scores as follows:
Aran Paul 10.5
Ed Goodwin 10
Wesley Beeston 9
Dave Filer 7.5
Mike Johnson 7
Margarita 6
Josh Pink 6.5
Simon W 4
John Loughnane 3
John Conway 3
Dave Ireland 5
Seb 1
Paul Sweatman 4.5
Next week the plan is for players to bring in some of their games and Dave Ireland and the A Team will provide some expert analysis and hints and tips on how you could improve your chess.

A note for your diaries next week is the League AGM. Wednesday 27th June at Warwick University. Meeting Room 2.
7.30pm start. 

What is Josh thinking in this picture ? 
 Looks like John has scared off his opponent!

 Our two resident Grandmasters. Rumour has it Magnus Carlsen has refused to play them for fear of losing his world championship title.

 I do not like that look John is giving Wes?!

We had a new player come along last night, he wasn't very good though, so cant really see him carrying on with chess. I did give him a few tips though to try and help him improve. .

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