Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Summer Cup - Round 2 Results

The secound round of the Summer Cup matches, took place last night and all top three boards drew their matches. This now means after only two rounds there is only one player with 2 points - Dave Filer - I can not ever remember this happening in the Cup at such an early stage.

Dragomir did exceptionally well in drawing with Dave Ireland - the final position was a dead draw.

Howard Jones also did very well against  new club member Andy Ward, again gaining a draw after being a pawn down for a large part of the game.

As I mentioned earlier Dave Filer now has two points after completing a win against Pete Smith and is top of the table. Gordon Cornell also won last night - does this mean he may be the first winner of the Gordon Cornell U120 Trophy!

Paul Sweatman had an impressive win over John Conway, who is graded 126. An excellent result for Paul.

There was also the KO Cup final held between Kenilworth and Chelmsley Wood. Chelmsley Wood did win the final as Mark Page surprisingly lost on Board 1 and Mike Donnelly drew on Board 2. So with the handicap Chelmsley Wood are the winners.

However, two things arose which are worth noting, a Chelmsley Wood players mobile went off (three times) so his opponent could have claimed the game - three times!

Secondly, a basic rule of chess, but again this situation arose on Board 1 in the Cup match and a game in the Summer Cup.
The player was using one hand to move the piece and the other hand to operate the clock. Clearly this is not allowed and in a time scramble it can be critical.

Round 3 next week:-  Tuesday 19th April. 7.30pm 

Here are all the results from last night:

12/4/16 Round 2 

D.Ireland   .5  .5 Dragomir
A.Ward     .5  .5  H.Jones
Bava         .5  .5  W.Beeston
R.Holmes  1  0  S.Whitmore
D.Filer       1  0  P.Smith
A.Franklin 0  1  I.Evans
J.Loughnane 0 1 G.Cornell
C.Blackburn 1 0 T.Gazee
P.Sweatman  1 0 J.Conway
T.White         1 0 N.Weaver

Overall Scores
D.Filer        2
D.Ireland     1.5
A.Ward        1.5
Bava            1.5
Bob Holmes 1.5
Ed Goodwin 1.5
W.Beeston   1.5 U120
H.Jones       1.5 U120
Dragomir    1.5
P.Sweatman 1 U120
C.Blackburn 1 U120
M.Johnson  1
S.Whitmore 1 U120
P.Smith       1 U120
G.Cornell    1   U120
T.White       1    U120
I.Evans        1    U120
S.Weaver     .5 U120
J.loughnane  0 U120
T.Gazee       0   U120
A.Franklin   0   U120
D.Adams      0  U120
N.Weaver     0 UI20

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