Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Summer Cup - Round 3 Results

Round 3 of the Summer Cup was held last night and the very close position of the top 10 players continues, for both the Main Competition and the U120 Gordon Cornell Trophy.
Dave Filer continued his winning ways and is still the clear leader on 3 points - is he the Leicester City of the Summer Cup !

Dave Ireland manged to win against Bob Holmes in a very tight end game, this now gives Dave 2.5 points. Andy Ward won against Wesley Beeston to give him 2.5 points.
Paul Sweatman again played well after his win last week and got a hard fought draw against Howard Jones -  a contender for the Gordon Cornell Cup?

Dragomir, drew with Ed Goodwin, the second First Division player he has held to a draw.

Clive Blackburn also won after Ian Evans sacrificed his queen ! when in time trouble. 

There were also wins for  Pete Smith, Stan Whitmore, Alan Franklin, David Adams and Simon Weaver.

The full results are below.

4th Round to be held next week 26/4/2016 normal start time 7.30pm.

D.Filer 1 0 Bava
D.Ireland 1 0 R.Holmes
A.Ward 1 0 W.Beeston
E.Goodwin .5 .5 Dragomir
H.Jones .5 .5 P.Sweatman
P.Smith 1  0  G.Cornell
S.Whitmore 1  0 T.White
C.Blackburn  1  0 I.Evans
A.Franklin 1 0 J.Loughnane
D.Adams  10  N.Weaver
S.Weaver 1 0 T.Gazee

Outstanding Round 2 match played 18/4/2016

E.Goodwin 1 0 S.Weaver 

Overall Scores:

D.Filer        3
D.Ireland     2.5
A.Ward        2.5
C.Blackburn 2 U120
S.Whitmore 2 U120
P.Smith       2 U120
H.Jones       2 U120
Dragomir    2
Ed Goodwin 2
Bava            1.5
Bob Holmes 1.5
W.Beeston   1.5 U120
P.Sweatman 1.5 U120
G.Cornell    1   U120
T.White       1    U120
I.Evans        1    U120
S.Weaver     1.5 U120
A.Franklin   1   U120
D.Adams     1  U120
M.Johnson  1
N.Weaver     0 UI20
J.loughnane  0 U120
T.Gazee       0   U120

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